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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is Korean Actress Lee Da Hae Making Fun Of Filipino's English Accent?

I was watching television when I saw in the news that a Korean Actress Lee Da Hae was insulting a Filipino's English accent.  I hurriedly went to Youtube to look for the video and found this one.  We must all know that Southeast Asian countries, English is not our first language we used to speak but in the Philippines, English subject is part of our studies from preparatory school to college until you become a professional.

Filipinos don't need to go to USA or England to study English but we already have it here because based on Philippine history, Americans went to the Philippines and taught us English.   We are lucky enough that we have learned it straight from them.

Then I googled Lee Da Hae and found this website that she already apologized for misunderstanding through Twitter.  Click here.

All I can say that I am thankful that she apologized to all Filipinos and explained her side about the issue.  I could sense the humility and sincerity while reading her tweet.  Unlike Gloria Diaz who we already saw her interview on ABS-CBN but she has never been apologetic and she was even smirking.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Amnesia Girl Trailer

Just this afternoon, I went to my Facebook and found this video from You Tube.  I re-shared this video and a lot of my FB friends liked it.  All I can say with the video is "Hindi tayo tao! Bagay na bagay! :)"

At first, I thought it was Bea Alonzo that usually paired up with John Lloyd Cruz but it's Toni Gonzaga.  A narrator introduced a question, "Naalala mo pa nung una kayong magkita?" then it was seconded by, "Naalala mo pa ba nung nagkakadevelopan na?", the third, "Naalala mo pa ba nung kayo na?" and the last, "Eh siya?"

When the trailer was done, I conclude that John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga are a cute pair.  I never thought that they could have a cute chemistry.  Well, because the story is more on romantic-comedy.  My first impression of the movie, it reminded me of the 50 First Dates but it is not early to judge since the two characters in the story started as strangers, became friends and fell in love with each other.  We still don't know how the story goes when the girl will be having her amnesia.

Honestly, I keep on repeating the trailer because I could relate some of the situations (not the amnesia part). With the questions asked by the narrator in the trailer (4th question not included), I can't help but smile.  Throwing corny joke or dialogue is a good way of flirting only if the guy is as cute as John Lloyd Cruz (tehee ^_^).  I would gladly throw back corny jokes to him just what like Toni Gonzaga did.

I like it when they were on the church when Irene thanked God for Apollo (burger and French fries were also our first snack date).  I love it when Irene smelled the t-shirt of Apollo.  I love it when Apollo squeezed the cheek of Irene and kissed her.  I love it when Irene was riding at the back of Apollo.  All these things stated on the paragraph has significance with my love life too. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sangguniang Kabataan Should Be Abolished

This is just my opinion and I hope I don't offend anyone.  SK or Sangguniang Kabataan really wastes money.  Sorry for being straight to the point but this is really true.  When I was younger, I never thought that there were SK Elections.  I only registered for COMELEC when I was 17 going to 18 and I had my first vote during the national elections.

In my barangay, I really don't know if SK really works.  I never heard anyone or any chairman that was so active on activities.  Well, may be because I am not that sociable but I am only few blocks away from the barangay hall.  All this year, I never knew who was the SK Chairman but I was just shocked to know it on Facebook that the guy was the chairman.  As what I've said, I never heard of anything from him but all I know is that he is a sibling of a former classmate.  I never heard of projects that were implemented.

I really don't know what is the purpose of Sangguniang Kabataan or should I say I've never seen their purpose in my community.  I even heard that during the barangay or local election 2010, some youths running for the seat are already practicing corruption. I would appreciate more the leaders on their school organizations because I can see the purpose and already made some implementations.  It's true that I am generalizing but only few youths are doing great with their seat.  For me, SK should be abolished.  The youths have more time to shine in doing their leadership skills but not SK.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Watching A Video On How Ava Says Goodbye To Her Pacifier

A friend on Facebook shared a video. I am really fond of watching videos to lessen my boredom while working online. Then I clicked and played the video. Ava is really cute even though she was really bursting into tears. At first I really laughed because she is too cute while saying goodbye to her pacifier. Then I called my mom to let her watch the video. The second time around playing the video, I was crying and I really don't know why. Maybe because of the song? Or the art of letting go to something you really used to use with? But Ava is a little girl, she needs to grow up and she needs to let go of things that she doesn't need while growing up. The essence of letting go of something is really hard. Well, it's really a hard world to grow up in.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Opinion on Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants' Dancing

I've never been on an airplane because I've never been flying outside Cebu. When I saw this video posted on Facebook I was amazed with the safety demonstration performed by these flight attendants of Cebu Pacific. This is indeed funny, eye catching, and interesting to watch.

My younger sister told me when they flew to Boracay last, last summer with Cebu Pacific, it is really true that the safety demonstration on a plane is really boring. Some passengers who used to ride on a plane may say that is somewhat boring. The safety demonstration with a dance is a breath of fresh air (thanks to Anne Curtis for this phrase).

Some are not glad with this especially FASAP or the Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines, said on a report they were “deeply perturbed” by the spreading of the video on the internet.

Some people really make some comments negatively and maliciously for they integrate it to s3x. What's wrong with the video? For me the safety demonstration is not s3x intended. Is it because the dancers are all girls? Or is it because of the music sung by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry?

Hey, everyone knows how to dance but it doesn't mean we should focus on the dance steps of those flight attendants. For me, this video is very useful and I have something that I could get from them. At the same time, I am enjoying watching this safety demonstration.

These flight attendants are not wearing super sexy uniforms that will ever show their skins. What is really wrong with the girls dancing? I keep on watching the video a lot of times but for me there is nothing wrong with it. You can't compare them to those dancers on the club because it is really different obviously, the atmosphere and so on.

People who give comments with these maliciously are just so DIRTY MINDED.

Just enjoy the video with no s3x intended but a safety demonstration you could keep on remembering.

source: youtube user wingco1129

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Simple Logic: Gloria Diaz on Cebuana Can Hardly Speak English

I think I just have to correct Gloria Diaz on her statement, "Kasi when you think about a Cebuana can hardly speak English and of course Tagalog.  Maybe she should answer in Bisaya."

Bisaya pertains to the people living in Visayas.  That is why I am proud to be a BISDAK (Bisayang Dako).  Cebuano language is widely used in Visayas and Mindanao.  There are lots of Visayan languages: Cebuano, Waray, Hiligaynon, and to name a few.

You can also see that there's redundancy on the process.  Who are these people living in the Visayas?

Cebuano(a) = Ilonggo(a) = Waray = Boholano(a) = BISAYA

I conclude that Bisaya pertains the people living in the Visayas that includes the Cebuanos (Cebu), Ilonggo (Iloilo), Boholanos (Bohol), Waray (Samar and Leyte) and among Visayas region.

If you speak in Tagalog, what comes up to mind of some people is that you are from Manila because it's in the center of Luzon but the fact is either you live in Batangas, Pampanga or Pangasinan.  Tagalog is widely used in Luzon.

If you speak in Cebuano, what comes up to mind is you are from Cebu because it is the Queen City of the South but in fact either you are living in Davao, Siquijor, Bohol, or General Santos.  Cebuano is widely used in Visayas and Mindanao.

The Philippines has different languages and you can check this out in Wikipedia:

What if Miss Venus Raj is not a Bicolana but a Cebuana?

Let me take the statement of Gloria Diaz and put some corrections:

"Kasi when you think about a Cebuana can hardly speak English and of course Tagalog.  Maybe she should answer in Cebuano."

Translate this to Tagalog:

"Kasi kung iisipin mo na ang Cebuana nahihirapan sa English at lalo na sa Tagalog, eh sagutin nalang niya sa Cebuano."


When you think Venus Raj (a Cebuana) has difficulty in speaking English and of course Tagalog maybe she should answer in Cebuano.

This is really acceptable if Venus Raj is a Cebuana and has difficulty in English and Tagalog because she's a Bisaya and only speaks Cebuano.

Let's change Cebuana to Bicolana

"Kasi when you think about a Bicolana can hardly speak English and of course Tagalog.  Maybe she should answer in Bicolano."

Translate this to Tagalog:

"Kasi kung iisipin mo na ang Bicolana nahihirapan sa English at lalo na sa Tagalog, eh sagutin nalang niya sa Bicolano."


When you think Venus Raj (a Bicolana) has difficulty in speaking English and of course Tagalog maybe she should answer in Bicolano.

What do you think of Venus Raj? Is she a MAJOR, MAJOR DUMB because she doesn't know how to speak Tagalog?

The reason of some other Filipinos doesn't know how to speak English and Tagalog because of LACK OF EDUCATION.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gloria Diaz on Cebuana Can Hardly Speak English

We've seen the coronation night of the Miss Universe 2010 and our bet from the Philippines, Miss Venus Raj, belonged to the top 5. She ended as the 4th runner-up of the said pageant.

The question given to her was this, "What is one big mistake that you've made in your life and what did you do to make it right?"

She answered, "Thank you so much, Sir for that wonderful question. You know what, Sir in my 22 years of existence I can say that there is nothing major major, I mean, problem that I have done in my life. Because I am very confident with my family, with the love that they are giving to me. So, thank you so much that I am here, thank you thank you so much!"

A lot of people joked on her "MAJOR, MAJOR" statement especially on social networking sites. Her answer is somewhat right but I guess the judges weren't impressed by her answer.

There was an interview for Ms. Gloria Diaz about her reaction and defended Miss Venus Raj. The Cebuanos caught her saying this, "Kasi when you think about a Cebuana can hardly speak English and of course Tagalog. Maybe she should answer in Bisaya." source: ABS-CBN

A lot of Cebuanos are in rage for that statement. Why that is Cebuanos are always the best examples for being "can hardly speak English"? You know what, this is truly a MAJOR, MAJOR DISCRIMINATION.

My friends reacted on this and these are their comments:

A Cebuano can hardly speak English? Sure? :))) Wud love to laugh my ass off her face. -Nin

that is one MAJOR tactless comment from her!!!! her point is understandable to use our native language more, pagmamahal sa sariling atin...however to make such a tactless comment on national television which implies Cebuanos to be inferior is a MAJOR letdown coming from a fellow Filipino... - Rachellyn

Just reminded me of the movie Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo which Ms. Gloria Diaz was a part of it with her dialogue, "Bakit pinapalaki ninyong Bisaya ang apo ko? Speak to the kid in Tagalog. Parang Pinoy." The scene was taken that her grandchild was speaking Cebuano to her nanny.

Sen. Aquilino Pimentel who is also a Visayan remarked, "It offends the sensibilities of the Visayans and other non-Tagalog speaking citizens by making them feel as if they are less Filipino than the Tagalogs."

In defense of Star Cinema, "It's not intentional at saka mataray ang role ni Ms. Gloria Diaz sa movie at taga-probinsiya ang nanny ng bata, so ang tendency ay ma-adopt ng bagets ang salita nu'ng nanny niya na napansin ni Ms. Diaz."

Additionally, "But it doesn't mean na kinokondena namin ang mga taga-Visayas at Mindanao. Hiniling ni Senator Pimentel na i-delete ‘yung lines na ‘yun sa movie na hindi naman pupuwede na kasi palabas na at imposibleng mangyari pa kasi maski na i-delete pa, marami na ang nakapanood."

Lastly, "Hindi lang naman ang SSS (Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo) ang nauna sa ganyang lines tungkol sa dialect, marami ng nauna pa (We're not the first to write those lines about a dialect)." source:

Let me point out the last statement made by Star Cinema and relate it to the question for Miss Venus Raj, you already knew that it was an OBVIOUS MAJOR MAJOR MISTAKE and there were lots of Filipino movies before having the same scene or dialogue with that on Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo about the Cebuano language (Yes, it is a language, not just a dialect), have you made any thoughts of MAKING IT RIGHT? I know the movie was already out but I hope you FILIPINO MOVIE MAKERS will have DISCRETION on not hurting the culture of other Filipinos living in the Philippines.

In the Miss Universe pageant, when I heard the question for Miss Philippines, "What is one big mistake that you've made in your life and what did you do to make it right?", what popped-up to my mind was the hostage taking in Quirino Grandstand because of the quote "Big Mistake to Correct a Big Wrong Decision".

Is this just coincidence?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Philippines' Hostage Drama in Quirino Grandstand

It happened yesterday August 23, 2010 at 7A.M.  A former police officer named Rolando Mendoza took the bus of Hong Thai Travel with Chinese nationalities (adults and children) as the passengers.  The hostage drama took for more than 12 hours.

What was his reason? He wanted his service to be reinstated which he could work to any government firms and he could get his benefits.  To know more about him click here.  With the situation of hijack and hostage, I think it was really impossible to give what he wanted because he already did a crime.

The brother of the hostage taker, Gregorio Mendoza, was accused as an accessory of the incident that is why policemen took him forcefully.  When the hostage-taker knew about it, he was really angry about it and we heard shooting inside the bus.  When the policemen took the brother of the hostage-taker, I asked myself what can they get from him? Taking him was a wrong strategy and that made the hostage-taker very angry.

Rolando Mendoza, the hostage-taker, was not easy to beat.  Come to think of it, he was a former policeman, not just an ordinary policeman but a Superintendent and a Captain (correct me if I'm wrong).  Take note, the hostage drama took more than 12 hours.  An ordinary hostage taker won't take that too long.

Who would have thought that the driver who was handcuffed on the driver's seat, escaped from the bus and misinformed the people, the media and the police that all the people on the bus were all killed? I think the hostage-taker wanted him to escaped and he wanted us to be misinformed to fool the policemen.

The policemen, there were so unready, no strategies, no plan and all.  You can read a blogger's analysis here on what went wrong. He also has a point.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just Watched Two Movies A While Ago

I am really having a vacation.  A vacation to be away from my online job.  It is also because I am busy with myself processing for graduation for this week.  Tomorrow I have to go the city for a photo shoot and to the bank.

This afternoon I went to a salon to scrape my split ends on my hair.  It turned out that my long hair went to a not-so-very-long-at-all and my head feels light because it's thin.  Haven't take a snapshot of my hair yet.

I never spent a movie marathon by the time I got my online job, until then I have my so-called vacation, I just watched Here Comes The Bride.  Just click the image to read the synopsis from Star Cinema.  You will never regret watching the movie because from the beginning until the end, you always keep on laughing.

I really admire more Angelica Panganiban for being a versatile actress.  She can handle the characters from being so sweet and conservative girl to a liberated one.  Just like what she did on the teleserye, Rubi.  It was funny by the time they had swapping their souls and the swapping of their characters.  All the main actors, Angelica Panganiban, Eugene Domingo, John Lapuz, Tuesday Vargas and Jaime Fabregas really did a great job for the movie.  The coolest wedding movie flick I've ever seen.  If you are sad, it is best to watch this movie all over again.  Cool thing, there was Kuya Kim Atienza as himself and of course, giving trivia to them on what happened to themselves.

To Infinity and Beyond! The favorite line of Buzz Lightyear.  Here's also Woody, the best buddy of Andy.  Andy is now all grown-up going to college and it seems that he is not going to play his toys anymore.  Woody, as the best buddy, will be going to college with Andy while the rest would be in the attic.  Until the toys except Woody put in a trash bag, and accidentally picked up mom and thrown outside waiting for a garbage truck.  The adventure begins on the journey while Woody saving them from the Sunnyside Daycare to get them back on the attic.  It is a very long story but there's a touching part of it.  Andy found a note written by Woody that the toys should be given to a kid that is so special who really knows how to take care of toys.  He brought the toys to the little girl and played it the very last time before going to college.  It is a relieved for Andy that his toys are well taken care of.

images credited to Star Cinema and Walt Disney

Monday, June 28, 2010

I Am Greatly Dismayed Of The Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash Of 2010

Who won the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash Edition?

I never watched the Big Night because I already knew that a Pinoy would never be the Big Winner.  My bets are my fellow Pinoy, of course, I am a Filipino and the show is intended for Pinoy like me.  I wasn't mistaken but still DISMAYED of the fact that an Australian won the contest that I always repeatedly say INTENDED FOR PINOYS. Take note: he doesn't have any Filipino blood but a pure-blooded Australian.

This is my letter to ABS-CBN.

Honestly, I am greatly dismayed by your show.  I am a PBB fanatic since season 1, but now, I never watched the Big Night of PBB Teen Clash because I already knew that a Pinoy would never win.  The edition never turned out to be the CLASH OF THE PINOY TEENS (the poor and the rich teens) but it turned out to be a CLASH BETWEEN FILIPINOS AND INTERNATIONALS.  The essence of "PINOY" Big Brother got lost. I have no discrimination with the foreigner teens but the show is intended for PINOY as what the title of the show PINOY BIG BROTHER.  For me, it would be acceptable if you had change the format and called it INTERNATIONAL BIG BROTHER so any nationality could join the show. The teenternationals don't have any blood of a Pinoy.  It is very unfair for me being a Filipino, I joined a contest intended for Pinoy, then here comes the teenternational...  Honestly, the viewers already drawn to the teenternationals instead of the Pinoy.  These foreigners are cute, handsome, charming and beautiful than the Filipinos.
It just reminds me of the show hosted by Sarah Geronimo for the SINGING TALENT with the contestants Charice Pempengco and Sam Concepcion.  My bet for that contest was Charice Pempengco because of her vocal power but Sam Concepcion got the crown because he is HANDSOME.  Where is Charice right now? She is now in Hollywood to be part of Glee because of her talent in singing.  Now, Pinoy Big Brother, which is intended for PINOY... but who won??? An Australian Guy who doesn't have any blood of a Pinoy??? How much more with the 2nd placer, A KOREAN???
About Big Brother, what is the purpose of having a franchise here in the Philippines? The show is intended for Filipinos living in a house monitored with camera 24/7.  It is just like with PILIPINAS GOT TALENT, showcasing the talents of the Pinoy.  Come to think of it? 
ABS-CBN, I don't know what you are thinking right now.  Okay it is part of the business that beautiful faces are the key to have a lot of money and because of them, you gained money.  As a Filipino living in the Philippines, it is a shame on my part that Filipinos are not supporting fellow Filipinos.  It is like Filipinos are not proud of their own raise, THE BROWN RAISE.

Shamefully yours,

Roxanne Tamayo

I am not against with the management but I just want Filipinos to wake up.  I can relate this to reality that Filipinos cannot find good opportunities in our own land.  People go abroad to have a good job and good earnings for their family.  That is why our country is not progressive.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pinoy Big Brother With The Teen-Internationals

I've been a fan of Pinoy Big Brother since the first season, the celebrities and the teen edition. What I am proud of is that Filipinos have the time to showcase their talents and what they can do for themselves.

The first broadcasting of the Big Brother was in the Netherlands. Many countries picked this already from Spain, Germany, USA, Portugal, UK, Sweden, and Belgium and among other countries. This reality tv show became a hit in 70 countries. The name of the show came from the 1948 dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell.

This edition of the Pinoy Big Brother is Teen Clash of 2010. I wondered what does it mean until I watched the first few episodes. Truly it was a clash between the rich and poor kids. Few weeks later, they had guests from other countries like in Korea, Singapore, Australia, and Canada. They are called as the Teenternationals. These folks are pure blooded foreigners with no streaks of Pinoy blood, obviously. They are living in the Philippines for how many months or years and they knew how to live here. First I knew is that they were just bed spacer in the PBB house so I thought that few weeks later, they will leave the house for few tasks. I never thought that Big Brother allowed them to be a part of the Top 6 together with the Pinoy teens.

The clash became between the Pinoy teens and the Teenternationals, Philippines versus International countries. There is no doubt that these teenternationals are also competitive in order to be on the top 6.

Tricia got evicted the other night and it turns out that there are 4 teenternationals and 3 Pinoy teens left. By the time the teen-internationals are included in the competition, all I can say is VERY UNFAIR. Why did I say such?

What's the use of the title of the show PINOY Big Brother if some of the contestants don't have the Filipino blood? Isn't it unfair that Teenternationals have more contestants than the Pinoy teens? It would be an insult to us that the show for us Filipinos have been won by a person from another country. Isn't it a shame? Aren't you proud of your own raise?

I am not discriminating foreigners and I am not anti-foreigner. I wish they changed the title from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash Edition to International Big Brother Teen Clash Edition.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The New Proclaimed President And Vice President Of The Republic Of The Philippines

Congratulations to President Noynoy Aquino and Vice-President Jejomar Binay who were just newly proclaimed this afternoon. I hope your tandem brings change to our beloved country.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Floyd Mayweather On Retirement

Floyd Mayweather is such a weirdo (Sorry for using it but that's the word I can describe on him). Months ago, he wanted to fight boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and demanded for a blood test to ensure that Manny is not using drugs. Pacquiao was busy then on politics for campaigning the position as Congressman in Sarangani Province. Now that he won as a representative for the province, he is now on vacation in the United States together with his family. Pacquiao said that he is ready to fight Mayweather. What's going on with Mayweather's mind that he just said about the retirement?

Team Pacquiao is not buying about Mayweather's retirement. Manny has not commented yet because he is on vacation. Top Rank promoter Bob Arum believes that Floyd was just babbling.

Joson said that Mayweather just wants to get a higher percentage. He also said that if Pacquiao-Mayweather will not push through, Manny will fight anyone.

There would be a possible rematch between Pacquiao and Cotto.

Friday, May 28, 2010

P10M Budget For The Independence Day?

I was shocked to know that the Malacañang Palace has a P10M Budget for the Independence Day. This would be the last Independence Day rites of the outgoing President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The militant group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) has questioned the expensive celebration.

Elena Bautista-Horn, the Presidential Management Staff head said that the celebration on June 12 will feature a grand fireworks display and an 11 float parade. In the afternoon, a civic military will be staged for showcasing the achievements of President GMA. There is also free rides of LRT-MRT for those students who want to watch the fireworks display.

Bayan secretary general Renato Reyes Jr. said that the grand exit of the outgoing President should be opposed. He explained, "People don’t need Arroyo to have a grand exit. The real meaning of Independence Day should be observed instead of being hijacked with narrow political ends. It will be a dishonor to our forefathers if June 12 will be converted into an Arroyo circus."

Bautista-Horn defended the P10 million budget because she said this celebration is for the people to make sure that the celebration will be enjoyed by the whole nation.

I beg to disagree by what Bautista-Horn had said. No doubt that Independence Day is for the people but are they sure that the celebration will be enjoyed by the whole nation? I may be 'pilosopo' and I am from Cebu but can I go to Manila to witness the expensive celebration for free? I cannot even have a free ride of the LRT-MRT because I am not from Manila so I must say this can be only enjoyed by the people who are in Manila and not by the whole nation.

The P10M budget is very expensive and I think that spending this too much does not fit our country's status.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Willie Revillame Apologized To ABS-CBN

Willie Revillame already realized his mistake and apologized to the management of ABS-CBN for his bad conduct happened on May 4, 2010 and for the failure report to work on May 5, 2010. It is also official that he is taking an indefinite leave of the show Wowowee but he still have to honor his contract and obligations to the said network station. He is not also allowed to do similar job for other networks. He also said that his health was really affected because of the long hours he spent on the show daily. He developed a heart blockage that would be a threat to his life. He said that is now the time to take care of his health.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Changed My Browser To Google Chrome

theme by Tibi

I just switched to Google Chrome that is very light and easy to use. My friend advised me yesterday because she saw that I have lots of windows to open for my job online. I realized from my previous browser, it was heavy and very slow to open tabs and windows. When it was installed, I went to Google Chrome Themes Gallery and chose a very colorful theme to make my browser bright and gay. As you can see the screenshot above, I am so happy about it. The pink and green really compliment each other. So I am going to be inspired in doing my work right now. ^_^

Saturday, May 15, 2010

CIT Tops Again For The May 2010 Civil Engineering

I am just proud to be a Technologian!

Here is the Top 10 examinees for the Civil Engineer Licensure Examination of May 2010


original source: PRC Board Exam Results Philippines

Friday, May 14, 2010

People Sourgraping On President Noynoy Aquino

President Noynoy Aquino will be proclaimed soon as the new president. I hate people calling him abnoy or abnormal when in fact they have no basis. They were not even psychologist. These people are just sour-graping because their bet did not win on the race. I have read a lot of comments and all they can say is abnoy. They keep on criticizing which those people are not even genius. How can we be progressive if this is the attitude of our people? I really want change for our country.

image by philippinesfunwall

Monday, May 10, 2010

Done Voting

What can I say? It was so hot. We walked from home to school at eight o'clock in the morning. I thought it was going to be easy because it is already high-tech. I was wrong. We waited for two hours in order to get vote. We were given a priority number because voting is done by batch, ten people in every precinct. When it was time for me to vote, I was very careful with my ballot in order not to get damaged, or else it would be rejected. I was happy that I saw the confirmation message 'Congratulations!'.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Willie Revillame Is On Indefinite Leave

If Willie Revillame loves the show, WOWOWEE, he should not challenge the ABS-CBN management that he would resign if Jobert Sucaldito would not be ousted. If he stands on what he believes and he fights for those students who got 'Pasang-Awa' grade, he should ignore what the commentator had said on the radio.

It is alright to be mad at someone you really hate but telling the heads of ABS-CBN to fire someone is too much. Willie Revillame and Jobert Sucaldito are ONLY EMPLOYEES and ABS-CBN is the EMPLOYER. How come on earth that an EMPLOYEE IS ASKING HIS EMPLOYER TO FIRE A CO-EMPLOYEE IMMEDIATELY??? If the employer will not grant his wish, he would resign?

That was the beginning that the show host received CRITICISMS here in the internet. Who is he to demand such things? That is why people call him MAYABANG, LUMALAKI ANG ULO, HAMBOG, ARROGANT and any other words associated with it. It feels like he can MANIPULATE ABS-CBN.

By the way, LET OTHER PEOPLE SAY THAT YOU ARE KIND. If they praise you for that then STAY HUMBLE. Why are you BOASTING that you are kind when you are not even kind to your foe?

Willie Revillame quoted:
Tinatakot nyong mawalan ng trabaho? 'Pag magaling ka, may bilib ka sa sarili mo, at MABUTI KANG TAO, wag kang matakot. May kukuha sa iyo. Dapat ganun ang prinsipyo sa buhay. WAG KAYO MATATAKOT, ISA LANG BA ANG CHANNEL?
Now I wonder, is ABS-CBN his ENEMY? The way he said it IS VERY ARROGANT. The money he used to give to the audience are not his own money. The money belongs to The Filipino Channel subscribers who donated during the live show or through white envelopes and remember the brown envelope filled with Php 2 Million? They dramatized that someone put it on his doorstep. It belonged to Sen. Manny Villar. The show host is only AN INSTRUMENT to give those money to the poor. That is why he doesn't care what amount did he already gave to an audience.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Willie Revillame Will Resign If ABS-CBN Won't Take Out Jobert Sucaldito

image from

When I was watching the news about the matter, Willie Revillame was really arrogant challenging ABS-CBN that he will resign if they won't take out Jobert Sucaldito. I love the show but I am having a dislike already to the host. He challenged the management as if he really owns the show. He is acting like the management of ABS-CBN were already bended knees on him.

We all knew that the WOWOWEE show is really earning a lot because of its sponsors but is there a reason to act like that? If he is mad to Jobert, let it be but the commentator didn't do anything to the show but only to him because of the way he criticized the people around him especially to his staffs if they did some mistakes.

I guess he is now different from the time he got suspended. The time he was into it, we knew how zero balance he was. Look at him now, he is really rich we couldn't imagine that it feels like he is richer than those three guys in Eat Bulaga (referring to Tito, Vic and Joey).

If he would resign, then he should do it with no IFs and BUTs.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Black Propaganda

My Facebook status on April 29 was

Ngano karon raman na nigawas nga naay psychiatric problem si Sen. Noy2x Aquino? Tungod kay modagan sya pagka Presidente? Kung naa pa xay psychiatric problem, dapat in the first place, dili unta na xa mahimong politiko, dili unta na xa mahimong representative sa ilang banwa, dili unta na xa mahimong senador og dapat di na xa maabot sa karon nga situation nga gedani xa sa mga tawo nga himuon pagka Presidente. di ba?

My friend replied
mmm..that is what you call Black Propaganda: "Black propaganda is false information and material that purports to be from a source on one side of a conflict, but is actually from the opposing side. It is typically used to vilify, embarrass or misrepresent the enemy."

isn't it common? election date is near already...todohan najd ang pang convince pra hakot ug votes...
I believe that any medical records from any person should be confidential. I was working in a BPO Company that as long as possible, the data that we were working on should only be in the company's premises. Those information that we encountered are owned by celebrities in Hollywood and some politicians in the USA. Now, during the election here in the Philippines, I was wondering why it is easy for some people to bring the delicate information in public against Sen. Noynoy Aquino?

That is black propaganda. I do not believe those misleading information against the senator. Many people denied that those information are FAKE. I believe it is fake because it is not certified authentic from any psychologist but they were only using the Department of Psychology in Ateneo De Manila University to make it real. ADMU is a prestigious school and they don't want to be used to any dirty politics.

Read the article how political campaign misuse the professions of psychologists.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Gov. Gwen Garcia, For GIBO Or For VILLAR?

The NP-ALAYON Grand Rally was held in Naga this day of May 2, 2010. We all knew that NP stands for Nacionalista Party, color orange and the standard bearer is Sen. Manny Villar, but the people of Naga were wondering why Governor Gwen Garcia and running for Vice-Governor Glen Soco were in the stage?

On the stage are Congressman Eddie Gullas, Governor Gwen Garcia and running for Vice-Governor Glen Soco together with running for councilors of Naga

This is the stage where the NP-ALAYON GRAND RALLY was held in Naga. You can see that on the left side, the posters of Governor Gwen Garcia and Glen Soco. The rest of the posters were from NP-ALAYON. The stage was full of color orange.

My Question: Is Gwen for Gibo or for Villar?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Election Is Near

Who are you going to vote for this election?
I cannot take the mudslinging of politicians from each other.
There are only two weeks left before the National Day of Election.
Please vote wisely.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Manny Villar's Campaign Caused Traffic In Cebu South

I just arrived in Naga at 9:00 pm from Cebu City. We encountered a traffic in Tabunok, Talisay City, Cebu because of Manny Villar's Campaign together with the Nacionalista Party. We were from SM and took a ride going to Bulacao. When we arrived in Bulacao, it was hard for us in going to Naga because the cabs were so full and we decided to ride a taxi.

In going to Tabunok, there, we encountered the traffic. The campaign was held in Tabunok Public Market under the Flyover. The Flyover is connected in the National Highway. The reason of the traffic was because vehicles like tricycles and the jeep routed to Tabunok are not allowed to park under the Flyover, for that moment.

I was very pissed off inside the taxi. I asked the taxi driver if Liberal Party standard bearer Noynoy Aquino had also caused traffic as what Manny Villar did to us in the present? The driver answered NO because the campaign of Noynoy Aquino was in the proper place held in Lagtang, Talisay where a crowd of people can gather.

The traffic took three hours. It was very long and my stomach was aching because of hunger. I never expected a traffic that long and to think I have hyper acidity.

I was furious because it feels like Manny Villar has NO MALASAKIT OR UNCONCERNED to the people who are in traveling. He has no respect to the time of others. He didn't know that that time is always a rush hour from 6 in the evening. Did he really care for the people or he just cared for his campaign?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Do You Agree That Sen. Manny Villar Is Living In A Simple Life?

image from election 2010 updates

Sen. Manny Villar quoted during the interview while his endorsers was hit by CBCP as womanizer.

"Ang mahalaga ay yung aking buhay. Alam naman ng mga kababayan na ang aking buhay ay simple lamang."

"What is important is my life. The people knew that my life is just simple."
Do you agree that Sen. Manny Villar is living in a simple life? How much did he spend for his advertisements on television and radio that we mostly hear anytime and anywhere?

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Thoughts on Manny Villar's Naging Mahirap Song

Naging Mahirap

Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?
Rox: Why should I swim in the sea of garbage???

Nag-Pasko ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada?
Rox: Why should I celebrate Christmas in the middle of the street when it is not safe while having fireworks?

Yan ang tanong namin,
Tunay ka bang isa sa amin?
Rox: My answer is I am not one of them.

Nalaman mo na bang mapapag-aral ka nya?
Rox: Really? I didn't knew Manny Villar when I was in kindergarten. As far as I remember, it was my parents who sent me to school.

Tutulungan tayo para magka-trabaho?
Rox: Why? Is he my backer?

At kanyang plano’y magka-bahay tayo?
Rox: Why now? We already have a house. Could he give a house to anyone living in the country for the homeless?

Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap.
Rox: That is why he is rich with lots of businesses.

si Villar ang tunay na may malasakit.
Rox: I can't see it.

Si Villar ang may kakayahan
At gumawa ng sariling pangalan.
Rox: Anyone has the ability and to make his own name.

Si Manny Villar ang magtatapos
ng ating kahirapan.
Rox: Do we really need a person just to end the poverty? NO! HE CAN'T DO THAT ALONE! Every Filipinos should make a stand and do their thing to end poverty.

I always hear this jingle every now and then from television to radio and that is why people almost memorized the song, including me. He is the only politician who has lots of advertisement. His name is always present on WOWOWEE, by the time Willie Revillame announced that he found a brown envelope that contained Php 2 Million outside the door of his house. Few months later, Manny Villar announced that he was the one who gave the money. Duh? They were making dramas because election is coming. Why are you making this kind of PAKULO during election? Of course, he is a businessman and he has funds for this kind of PAKULO, very expensive, especially on the ad slots.

The jingle only focuses on the word MAHIRAP or POOR. How many politicians that are running for PRESIDENT have already used the word??? Since I was a kid, I always hear this but still we are POOR, OUR COUNTRY IS MAHIRAP BECAUSE OF CORRUPTION!!!

Do we really have to remain poor and some politicians are getting richer???

If Manny Villar is really poor, why is he spending a lot of money for his political campaigns??? From being poor, he should think that less cost campaign is very effective to promote his jingle entitled NAGING MAHIRAP.

I want to get rid of poverty but it doesn't mean I want to get rich after all. All I want is a progressive country with NO GRAFT AND CORRUPTION.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby James Chanted Villar on Noynoy's Campaign Rally

Manny Villar thanked Baby James Aquino-Yap for an unexpected endorsement. Baby James is the son of Kris Aquino and the basketball player James Yap and nephew of the Senator, Noynoy Aquino for running the Presidency.

Kris Aquino said sorry to his brother and sisters for the naughtiness of Baby James who she fondly called as Bimby. She stated, “Hay naku, ang ka naughty-han ni Bimby! Talagang heaven's way of making me feel all I did before to stress Mom. True, he said "Veeyar" in Bacolod rally. Nag naughty siya kasi 10th event namin that day- pagod na. Bimby is sikat so nasa news,”

All I can say, Baby James is indeed naughty!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday

This is the Holy Week and this is the time for reflection of our wrong deeds. I know I am not a very religious person but I pray. We all know that election is nearly coming but we can't deny that there are lots of ways to cheat. Some politicians may kill other politicians. Where is the essence of Holy Week if those things will happen, right? The seven capital sins, do anyone of you have one or two with these seven capital sins: lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, envy, pride and vainglory.

On television, they talk about greed that relates to some politicians. That is the greed of power. I just hope that there will be no violence in this coming election.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ricky Martin Announced Online He is Gay

Ricky Martin, the Livin' La Vida Loca singer, proudly announced via twitter that he is proud to be a homosexual. What led him to go public is because of his writing and his twin sons.

He kept his sexuality private all over his career. He is very happy now of what he is today. A lot of people are very open to their homosexuality and feel contentment already about it.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Will Help My Country Through Paying Taxes

I am just an ordinary employee of a company with a regular wage. Now that election is coming, I want changes in my own country, progression. The question is how can I help my country when I am just an ordinary Filipino person?

For me, I will vote for a president who is not corrupt. I am expecting a President who has concern to his fellowmen and his country. The President should implement that those people who have work should pay their taxes religiously.

I've been employed to some companies. I am not a graduate but at least two years in college. I am happy that it was easy for me to find a job and even happier when I am employed to a reputable company because I am sure to myself that I could have good benefits. At least, I could help my country in a little way through paying my taxes.

But I observed that my own country has no progress. Corruptions are all over the country. Some politicians are getting richer because the money of the people are already on their pockets.

Filipinos are already hardworking but how come we are still behind and already belonged to the 3rd world country? The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. I hope that people from the low status of our community could have decent jobs for their family.

If everyone has decent jobs with regular wages, people can pay their taxes and everyone can help our country.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Monument for Manny Pacquiao???

I beg to disagree for building a monument for Manny Pacquiao. I admire and respect him for being the Greatest Boxer in the World and Filipinos are getting famous for our own talent. He already have the fame and riches: an actor, a recording artist, a wanna-be politician... what more can he ask for?

I say Manny Pacquiao is a very humble person but I think he should disapprove a monument depicting himself. The politicians are riding with the fame of Manny Pacquiao for using him now that the election is near. Besides, he have been welcomed to any provinces or city, like Manila, Cebu and his own General Santos. I've heard that Manila and Cebu will build a monument for him. What the...??? A monument in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao? Come to think of it that the money use to be build for the monument comes from the people of the Philippines. You know, OUR TAXES???

It is such a waste if the project for a monument will be pushed-through. There are no benefits that we could get from it. I hope that whoever politicians are thinking of the project will change his or her mind that the money should be used for the welfare of the people in their town, city, province and much more for the country.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Manny Pacquiao for Vice-Mayor in Cebu

The past few days, I was shocked when I heard this from a co-employee that Manny Pacquiao (preferring the Boxing Champ) will run for Vice-Mayor in Cebu City. I just said, "What??? After running as a Congressman in General Santos and Sultan Kudarat, he will invade Cebu for the vice-mayor position?" I kept thinking on thinking when in fact he is not a resident in Cebu.

I searched for it and really found out that it is really Manny Pacquiao - but not the boxing champ. He is Atty. Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao who claimed to be a distant related to the Filipino boxer. He will be the running mate of the younger sister of Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña, Georgia Osmeña.

Pacquiao, who is 61, a Cebuano bar topnotcher and for the past 32 years he has been a law professor in the University of the Visayas. He was also an Office-in-Charge (OIC) councilor, a Chairman of the Committee on Laws and Revision of Laws, an Assistant City Attorney and Acting City Attorney, and a Special Assistant.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Adam Lambert Lost his Humility

I got stuck on Adam Lambert when he joined the 8th season of American Idol. I was very fond of him because he is really handsome and also admired him with his awesome performance. I really bet that he would be the American Idol for the season. I also admired him for his humility every time the judges of American Idol praised his unpredictable performances. Even though he is gay, I still believe with his talent and that being gay is not a hindrance of his singing career as long as he stays being humble. During the finals, I was sad that he ended as the runner-up.

He is very open for being gay, I respect that, but I was disappointed when he kissed a guy during a performance. I was shocked because it was on tv and the possibility that children were also watching the performance. It wasn't the Adam Lambert that I saw on American Idol. The Adam Lambert today is the "I don't care what other people say as long as I am me." The "I don't care what other people say..." may be true but I guess he should think first on what he is going to say or do if he is not offending other people.

Recently, he commented on Susan Boyle's album that it is terrible. He said that he was crying with laughter when he first heard "Wild Horses" from the Rolling Stone's classics. Adam Lambert has no right to say that. To think, he is still starting after the American Idol. How many years did he already spent on Hollywood for giving that comment to Susan Boyle, who was also ended as runner up in Britain's Got Talent?

It is said that Adam Lambert may be jealous of Susan Boyle because his album, For Your Entertainment, was out of the top spot by Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream on US charts. No doubt that Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream is already 4x platinum and sold for over 4 million copies only in the United States.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life Before Ferdinand Marcos Declared Martial Law

I asked a friend who will he be going to vote for this coming election. He said he had no idea because he is not yet a registered voter. After a while, he told me that the best President in the country was Ferdinand Marcos, to think he is just 18 years young and I am already 21 years young. To think we never knew him but only in our history books. He told me about the works of the former President. I agreed but it was before the Martial Law.

I remember when I was in high school, that was the time I only met Ferdinand Marcos. For the first four years of serving the country, it was really great. On the second term, he was re-elected as President. Series of demonstrations occurred by the students about the higher rates of tuition fees until the Martial Law.

My mother told me that there's was no problem here in the Visayas area especially in Cebu. It was in Manila and the Luzon area that had the problem and also in Mindanao. The Visayas area consists of islands unlike Luzon and Mindanao have greater and wider areas so it's easy for people to form a group.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Erap Para sa Mahirap Commercial

I've been waiting for this video to be uploaded from anyone in YouTube.

Joseph Estrada was already ousted for President, in another word, IMPEACHED due to Plunder case and any other illegal acts in the country. Still has the guts to run for President this coming election because of the unfinished tasks in the country. By the way, what kind of task? Is it good for the country or ONLY FOR HIMSELF????

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If Manny Villar would be President, Is Conflict of Interest be Possible?

I've heard on television that if Manny Villar would be President, he said that he will disconnect himself from any business he has in the present to avoid CONFLICT OF INTEREST. My only reaction was, "REALLY???? SURE????". The question is how will he do that??? I think that's very impossible to think that he has lots of real-estate businesses and there's also a joint project with his partner, Willie Revillame for the Wil Tower Mall.

On Facebook, it quoted "This is the first joint venture project of presidential candidate, Senator Manny Villar and popular host of top noontime show 'WOWOWEE', in the Philippines, Mr. Willie Revillame. WIL TOWER MALL is a banner project of VISTA RESIDENCES." The mall will rise sooner or later. Revillame announced the mall in Wowowee before his endorsement of Manny Villar , so I just thought that, "Wow! Willie is already a rich man." We all knew about his luxurious yacht so maybe he could afford himself for the mall business. For how many months during the election campaign, Willie fully announced for endorsing Villar and telling the people about the mall that they are partners.

Manny Villar is just so smart in terms of business. Wowowee has lots of fans, WORLDWIDE. So his main target are the Filipino Subscribers who want to have a vacation in the Philippines. I think Willie is the dummy here and the mall was named after him just to cover-up Manny Villar and his CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

Watch the video about Manny Villar's Scandals:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Britney Spears, After the Controversies of her Life

I was just having an online job while went to YouTube to look for songs to hear. I typed Britney Spears on the search engine. There are lot of new songs from her which is my first time to hear like the song Mannequin. I found a video on her concert at Hilsinki, Finland last 2009.

After the controversies, from married to divorced life, having kids and losing their custody, scandals, and etc., on 2007 she released her album entitled Blackout and until now she is still in the peak of her success, as a singer.

Watch the video of her concert:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Governor Gwen Garcia Stops CPDRC Dancing Inmates to Dance

I've read an article in a local newspaper that Governor Gwen Garcia decided to stop the CPDRC (Cebu Rehabilitation Center) inmates to dance. Many got sad about the news. The dancing of the prisoners was conceptualized by Byron Garcia.

As we have observed, the inmates are really enjoying with the dance routines and also they got famous here on the web. Dancing is a good exercise and a very enjoyable activity that could help you forgot your problem in a while.

CPDRC is a rehabilitation center (obviously!). Of course, it has a purpose, to restore one's self or making a change for improvement. A long time ago, there were cases of jail break, drugs and gambling. CPDRC was known by DILG (Department of Interior and Local Government) as a model that should be implemented in local government units and also in jail towns.

I still don't know why Governor Gwen Garcia wanted to stop the activity. Is it because of the rumor that the inmates should have received talent fees from Michael Jackson's This Is It?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Princess and the Frog Review

Walt Disney has introduced the new and first African-American Disney Princess in the movie, The Princess and the Frog. I watched it three nights ago and it is really different from the classic Disney Princesses we witnessed from Cinderella, Snow White and among others. It is adapted from the story The Frog Prince. It is so funny that when Tiana, the main heroine of the movie, kissed Prince Naveen (who turned into a frog) she also turned into a frog. To those who still haven't watch the movie, you must watch this.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Angelica Panganiban as Rubi

Rubi is a Mexican telenovela on 2004 played by Barbara Mori (see image at the right) and was a really big hit in the Philippines. She is very beautiful and very seductive woman. I love the plot of the story and watched the telenovela from the beginning until the end.

Lots of foreign telenovelas were adapted by ABS-CBN from Korea and Mexico. I was thinking if Rubi will be having its version. Now, it's already possible and I am excited about it. It will be played by Angelica Panganiban (see image at the left) for this year of 2010. The character really suits her. I remember when she played as Scarlet dela Rhea of Iisa Pa Lamang and she's really an effective contra bida. This time, it's Angelica's time to shine.

Here is the website of ABS-CBN's RUBI with Angelica Panganiban.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Noynoy Aquino's Promise

I am still undecided who to vote for President this coming election on May 2010. With the campaign ads I've seen on tv, I got stuck with Noynoy's promise: HINDI AKO MAG-NANAKAW (I will never steal).

Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III had no plan to run for president until the death of his mother, the first lady President, Corazon Aquino. The former president, the icon of people power, had a big contribution for the freedom of Philippines under Ferdinand Marcos' Martial Law. His father, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr., was a Philippine senator and an opposition leader against President Ferdinand Marcos and was assassinated. He was convinced by his siblings and the people who believe that he could do changes for our nation.

Here is the campaign ad of Sen. Noynoy

What can you say? Share your reactions and comments.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Sinulog 2010 Experience

Some may of you went to Cebu to experience the Sinulog 2010 by going to the Sto. Niño Church for the mass. People of Cebu are so devoted to the child Jesus.

As you can see on the pictures above, to accommodate thousands of people attending the mass, there is a bigger venue.

The 30th celebration of the Sinulog was a big success with extra surprises at the end of the show. Foreigners were so amazed with the festival and they keep coming back every year just to witness this colorful event. Maybe next year, the organizer of Sinulog will find a way for a bigger venue.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Showtime is Back for Tomorrow

Showtime was replaced temporarily by MAGPASIKAT with the same hosts and staff. Before the show ended, the director of the show, was handling a brown envelope. The madlang sikat and the hosts were shouting and excited what's inside the envelope. After that, they formally announced that for tomorrow, Showtime is back. The hosts and the madlang sikat are very happy for the good news and I'm sure the televiewers are also glad for the returning of the show.

Friday, January 15, 2010

ABS-CBN's Showtime Suspended for 20 Days

Happy New Year by the way! Hahaha! What a late greeting here in the Opinions of a Young Lass. Happy Sinulog to all Cebuanos out there and to all visitors who are coming to Cebu.

I am saddened by the suspension of Showtime because of Rosanna Roces' remarkable statement against teachers on January 7, 2010. Actually I never watched it for I was at work at that time. When I went to and searched for it, I was shocked with the words she uttered on her mouth.

There are some things that Osang, as people call her, got the point. But she should slowed down her words and think of what to say so as not to hurt others. That's the mistake that she had already done.