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Friday, May 7, 2010

Willie Revillame Is On Indefinite Leave

If Willie Revillame loves the show, WOWOWEE, he should not challenge the ABS-CBN management that he would resign if Jobert Sucaldito would not be ousted. If he stands on what he believes and he fights for those students who got 'Pasang-Awa' grade, he should ignore what the commentator had said on the radio.

It is alright to be mad at someone you really hate but telling the heads of ABS-CBN to fire someone is too much. Willie Revillame and Jobert Sucaldito are ONLY EMPLOYEES and ABS-CBN is the EMPLOYER. How come on earth that an EMPLOYEE IS ASKING HIS EMPLOYER TO FIRE A CO-EMPLOYEE IMMEDIATELY??? If the employer will not grant his wish, he would resign?

That was the beginning that the show host received CRITICISMS here in the internet. Who is he to demand such things? That is why people call him MAYABANG, LUMALAKI ANG ULO, HAMBOG, ARROGANT and any other words associated with it. It feels like he can MANIPULATE ABS-CBN.

By the way, LET OTHER PEOPLE SAY THAT YOU ARE KIND. If they praise you for that then STAY HUMBLE. Why are you BOASTING that you are kind when you are not even kind to your foe?

Willie Revillame quoted:
Tinatakot nyong mawalan ng trabaho? 'Pag magaling ka, may bilib ka sa sarili mo, at MABUTI KANG TAO, wag kang matakot. May kukuha sa iyo. Dapat ganun ang prinsipyo sa buhay. WAG KAYO MATATAKOT, ISA LANG BA ANG CHANNEL?
Now I wonder, is ABS-CBN his ENEMY? The way he said it IS VERY ARROGANT. The money he used to give to the audience are not his own money. The money belongs to The Filipino Channel subscribers who donated during the live show or through white envelopes and remember the brown envelope filled with Php 2 Million? They dramatized that someone put it on his doorstep. It belonged to Sen. Manny Villar. The show host is only AN INSTRUMENT to give those money to the poor. That is why he doesn't care what amount did he already gave to an audience.

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