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Thursday, January 5, 2012

IMO - Ramgen - Janelle Sex Scandal Video

Just this morning I have watched the sex scandal video of Ramgen and Janelle.  I happened to see this when I posted a status about the murder case (if I am right about it) of Ramgen Revilla right at his own home.  Set aside about the case (may be I am going to write another blog post about it), here is my opinion about the video.

I was having GOOSEBUMPS watching the video even though it was just 54 seconds.  They are both young around 20's, same ages as me.  Of course, they are public figures because Janelle was part of Star Circle Quest (with Erich Gonzales) and Ramgen is the son of Sen. Ramon Revilla, Sr.

No question, they really love each other but I don't like the idea of having a sex video. I got the video link from a friend.

I still say, Justice for Ramgen Revilla!