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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is Korean Actress Lee Da Hae Making Fun Of Filipino's English Accent?

I was watching television when I saw in the news that a Korean Actress Lee Da Hae was insulting a Filipino's English accent.  I hurriedly went to Youtube to look for the video and found this one.  We must all know that Southeast Asian countries, English is not our first language we used to speak but in the Philippines, English subject is part of our studies from preparatory school to college until you become a professional.

Filipinos don't need to go to USA or England to study English but we already have it here because based on Philippine history, Americans went to the Philippines and taught us English.   We are lucky enough that we have learned it straight from them.

Then I googled Lee Da Hae and found this website that she already apologized for misunderstanding through Twitter.  Click here.

All I can say that I am thankful that she apologized to all Filipinos and explained her side about the issue.  I could sense the humility and sincerity while reading her tweet.  Unlike Gloria Diaz who we already saw her interview on ABS-CBN but she has never been apologetic and she was even smirking.


DrVar said...

i know Filipinos can speak good english.

Rox said...

Heheh! Of course :)

MaicasaysMAGIS said...

yeah right Filipinos are good in speaking English language... i never thought that this Lee Da Hae can make it (making fun of Filipino's English accent...i remember her TV series that was run here in the Philippines (the Full house...with Rain) actually make a great hit here in our country.. since she apologized..apology accepted..:O