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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Impeach Corona, Impeach Midnight Appointees

This photo was shared by Kevin Ray Chua on Facebook so I just want to share this on my blog.  If Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is an invalid 14th President, so as well as her midnight appointees like Corona.  I think the new administration has the right to impeach the midnight appointees made by GMA since she was not the real President during her time.

ComElec (Commissions on Elections) declared that the real 14th President should be the late actor Fernando Poe Jr. (although he had not rendered his service) for the sake that he was really the winner of 2004 Presidential Election.

Disclaimer: The picture above is not mine.  I just want to share this.

Friday, December 2, 2011

There's a Hater on my Blog

There is this frequent visitor who reads my blog and leaves nasty comments here.  This person is using several e-mail accounts and several nicknames.  She leaves comments as if there are several persons.  What is so funny that I already traced her IP addresses.

This hater is so trying hard with her English.  I admit that I also have grammatical errors with my blogs but not really that obvious.  The way she writes her comment, it is really too wordy and some are redundant.  It's funny that some are wrong terms.  I am not really that rich in vocabulary that is why I only use simple English.

These are the IP Addresses I've found lark acop sweetheart69 sweetheart69 sweetheart69 chrismgab cheunabz cheunabz naima zuleika blueradix chris_deric_123

There's only one person I have in mind.  It's from someone on the IP Address  Maybe she still have other friends who leave nasty comments to support her.

My hater is an example of a CYBER BULLY.  She's using the internet to pissed me around while hiding in several user names.  Ha ha ha!  She thought that she can't be traced.  I just wonder, why don't just face me?

She should be accountable with her acts either it's online or offline.  If she says I'm humiliating her in public, well, it's her fault.  She's the one who humiliates herself in public because of her irresponsible actions.  As you can see, it's like she lost her credibility, dignity, and education because of what we called HATRED.  Also, PRIDE is eating here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Kleptomaniac, the Narcissistic and the Dumb

I HAD three (ex) friends called me a kleptomaniac, narcissistic and dumb.

The Kleptomaniac

It was year 2009. It started when I asked a (ex) friend about the debt that she needed to pay. I was asking her patiently to pay the debt because my parents needed the money for purchasing items in our sari-sari store. After few minutes, I was shocked that she blocked me on Facebook in order not to get a chance of communicating with her. She was accusing me on Facebook that I was a kleptomaniac. I knew what it means and I knew for myself that I could not do such thing.

What I did to her?

Since she didn’t pay her debt in cold cash I told this my friends and other acquaintances about her not paying her debt. I knew I was giving her public humiliation and she truly deserved it.
She said that she would file a case against me and put it into court. My father said, we should put things first at the barangay. My mother advised them that they should file a case in our barangay. After few minutes, I received a subpoena from the barangay.

By the way, she lives a town apart from me. She went to the barangay hall which is few blocks away from our home. She didn’t have the chance to pay her debt straight to our house but she had the time to file a case against me at the barangay. How it ended? Well, she is really indeed a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. Source:

The Narcissistic

It was year 2010. It started on a group created by an (ex) friend on Facebook. Another friend invited me to join the group. I even received a notification on my e-mail with a link on it that I had access with the group. I was really disappointed when I clicked the link, the group was private. It seemed someone deleted me. Well, only an administrator of the group can delete me. Who is (are) the administrator(s)? I could not pinpoint someone since there were a lot of them. I posted a status on Facebook about it without mentioning the name of the group. I just hated the idea of creating a group when I know for myself I belonged to the group because of its name.

It was like this, I belong to this batch because I graduated the same year with them, but the questions were, why delete me? Who deleted me? Am I not part of the batch? Does anyone dislike me not to be part of the group? Are they choosing certain people to be part of it? I was really discriminated that time and I could not help myself posting about it. I feel insulted. You know, it would be better if nobody invited me to join the group than being deleted.

Someone noticed my status about it. She was also one of the administrators but she had no idea that I was deleted. The creator of the group left a comment on my status but not in a calm way. I could say he was really angry at me.

Then he started to call me I was narcissistic. I didn’t get the point why he even said that. That was way too personal because it was irrelevant with my post. I was looking for the answer, why delete me? The questions were remained unanswered.

Just so you know he is not a straight guy because a real straight guy can’t say such thing like a girl.
Someone told me that maybe he was guilty about it because if he wasn’t the one who deleted me, why left a comment in an angry manner? Why saying stuff that was irrelevant? If you’re not guilty then you should not react that way.

I am not an envious person. I work hard for something I really like. Yes, I admit I am proud with my little achievements. I am very outspoken when I have done something nice for myself. When I have something to say I go direct to the point. I am not a great pretender. I am just being real. Last and foremost, I am not hiding something in the closet. Well, there is one thing we call privacy and it should remain private.

The Dumb

This is the latest, year 2011. Again it all started also in Facebook. I uploaded a photo which is a sample design of wedding invitation for my business. Take note: I created one design only at first because that was just a testing phase but in three colors with the shades of blue, green and red.

I tagged people on blue and green but not in red. I received compliments and comments for improvement. In green, somebody said that the message was unreadable so maybe if I could change its font color to a complementary color which is red or maybe black to make it more readable. I appreciate their suggestions but still I have to stick with the motif which is green. So the only solution was to adjust the color.

Then this (ex) friend of mine left a comment stating, “Too colorful and too stylist.” I was really laughing with her comment because first of all it is not colorful because I am only using one color with different shades. I say it’s monochromatic with different shades, tints and tones with a single hue.

It’s not too stylist, we say it’s stylish. A stylist refers to the person who is doing the style like fashion stylist, hairstylist and the likes. I was just correcting her in the first place because her statement was a great contradiction of my design. The purpose of my design was to make it less colorful but of course, with style.
She never accepted my explanation and she insisted that my design was overflowing of colors. I was really pissed off because she didn’t get my explanation. I don’t know if she was doing some research before posting a comment on my photo, if she has checked a dictionary to know which is singular and plural or if she really knew the meaning of the word she was talking about. So I suggested she needs to do some research and check a dictionary.

Well, do you see how straightforward or direct to the point I was? I didn’t care if she was hurt or offended with the suggestion I told her. It was really true that she really needed it. She really needs to learn from her mistake because stating such was a big mistake in the first place. I think she was offended being an Engineer and her ego was hurt. She even talked about marketing as if I had no idea about it. As if she was trying to be an expert in the field of marketing.

I think she had no idea my current job online. I’ve been working in the field of marketing for two years already which is more on online marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing and article marketing. I am not even claiming to be an expert. What’s worse was that she stated this, “I am not a designer, I am just an Engineer but if we are going to talk about marketing, she is a failure.” (Di man ko designer, Engineer ra man ko pero kun kami duha mag hisgot bahin sa marketing, yabo jud na siya.) She even called me dumb because I was not a valedictorian or salutatorian in high school. She said I was being unprofessional and she would never stoop down to my level but funny, she was throwing trash talks on me through my opinionated blog.

The question is, who among the two of us was being dumb and being unprofessional?

Haven’t you noticed that all things have the same in common? It all started in Facebook. It also happened in three consecutive years.

The morals of the story are:
* Think before you click.
* Read first before leaving a comment.
* Do your research before stating something in the public.

Disclaimer: Images are not mine.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Miss Philippines Got the 3rd Runner Position in Miss Universe 2011?

Congratulations to Miss Shamcey Supsup for being the 3rd Runner Up for this prestigious beauty pageant, Miss Universe 2011!

This is the question she received from Vivica Fox:

Would you change your religious beliefs to marry the person you love? Why and why not?
Miss Philippines' answer:

If I had to change my religious beliefs, I will not marry the person that I love because the first person that I love is God, who created me. And I have my faith, my principles, and this is what makes me who I am. And if that person loves me, he should love my God too.

Well, it's her answer and it's her own opinion.  There is no doubt that she loves God more than anyone else.  Miss Shamcey Supsup is a Born Again Christian.  We heard on her revelation that she is now into a romantic relationship and her boyfriend was a Catholic before, now a Born Again Christian just like her.

For me, there is a loophole with her answer. Let's focus with the statement,

And if that person loves me, he should love my God too.

In the Philippines, we have several religious groups who believe in Jesus Christ.  These are the Roman Catholic, Born Again Christian, Seventh Day Adventist, Latter Day Saint, Iglesia Ni Cristo and etc.  They even have the same Holy Bible from the Roman Catholic.  The problem is that people have different interpretations with the Holy Book.  These people believe in the same God but they have different religious practices.

There are other religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and they have different gods.  Well, I am not very familiar with other religion because I have no background study with the different religions of the world.

Some people even created their own religion and proclaimed themselves as god.

My impression of the statement is very SELFISH.  Why? It sounds too conditional.  It's like you are forcing someone to love someone else's god.

I asked this question through Facebook

Do you find it selfish if you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend, 'If you love me, then you should love my God.'?

A friend of mine answered this

Yes, it sounds selfish because you're telling your man to love God so that he will be accepted by you and your relatives.  In God's law, we should love Him above anything else.  He must be our top priority and not because it is the lady's preferences.
I agree with her answer because God's love is unconditional, no if(s) and but(s).  Miss Philippine's answer is her own opinion and she believes in it.  It's just that her answer is not worth the crown.

If I have to answer the question if someone will ask me the same, this would be my answer:

I don't want to change my religious beliefs just to marry the person I love.  Why? If he loves me then he should RESPECT my religious beliefs as what I have given respect for his religion.
Honestly, it is really hard to choose between LOVE and RELIGION.  But why I have to choose between these two when I can have RESPECT?

I should say that love has different meanings.  Love is everything.  You can share love to your family, friends, and lover and even to your religion.

  • If we have a relative who is practicing another religion, I will still love him or her because he or she is also a family.
  • I have several friends who are not Roman Catholic, I still love them because we are friends.
  • If I have a lover who is also practicing another religion, I will still love him because I already accepted him whoever he is.
Maybe we have different religious beliefs but we can still LOVE THE PEOPLE around us.  The important thing is WE HAVE RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Rants and Opinions - Deserving and Giving RESPECT

Disclaimer: Originally posted on my Facebook note.

I love to write even though I am not the best writer.  I love to write to express myself.  I always love stressing my rants and opinions through my opinionated blog, Facebook comments (depends on the topic), Facebook status, and Facebook notes.

I love exchanging thoughts with other people even though we have different points of view.  Well, an opinion has no wrong or right answer; it is just how you stand of what you believe in.  

Opinions by Wikipedia:
In general, an opinion is a subjective belief, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts. An opinion may be supported by an argument, although people may draw opposing opinions from the same set of facts. Opinions rarely change without new arguments being presented. However, it can be reasoned that one opinion is better supported by the facts than another by analyzing the supporting arguments. [1] In casual use, the term opinion may be the result of a person's perspective, understanding, particular feelings, beliefs, and desires. It may refer to unsubstantiated information, in contrast to knowledge and fact-based beliefs. 

An Argument that leads to PERSONAL ATTACK
I've encountered an argument with a former friend.  It all started with a photo she commented here on Facebook.  On my photo, it was clearly stated on the description that I've used SHADES OF RED or MONOCHROMATIC RED for my design.  Suddenly, she posted a comment on my photo that it was TOO COLORFUL.  Her comment was very contrasting with the description of the photo.

Of course, I let her knew the difference between COLORFUL and MONOCHROMATIC because they are OBVIOUSLY NOT SYNONYMOUS WITH EACH OTHER.  For a proof, dictionary is to the rescue. 

As a WANNABE DESIGNER, I feel insulted with her comment because the purpose of my design is to make it LESS COLORFUL.  Of course, there is a way to make a beautiful design even though you are just using ONE COLOR.  Anyway, of all people who saw that photo, she's the only who said the word COLORFUL for a monochromatic design. LOL

Someone said she was stating her OPINION but I had to disagree if that was her OPINION.  First of all, the word she was using was VERY INAPPROPRIATE with the design I was trying to express.

It was an artwork of mine though not as good as professional designers. If you want to be a CRITIC, please make sure to EXAMINE CLOSELY of the design.  Before posting some comments we also have to make sure to SCRUTINIZE OUR WORDS if we are really TELLING FACTS or using APPROPRIATE WORDS in order not to send wrong information of the person you’re criticizing to.  If you're giving a SUGGESTION, MAKE SURE IT'S HELPFUL.

After what happened with the dictionary, it was really shocking that she started to attack me personally.  First, she insulted my design and after that she insulted my whole being for being dumb in class. From being not a good designer, now I'm dumb? LOL

How can I respect her OPINION when it was not appropriate? She did not even respect what I was trying to express with my so-called artwork.

Issue about RH Bill

RH Bill is still a very hot issue.  I am proud to admit that I am PRO-RH Bill not because I am living an immoral life.  It is because I want to be educated and to know information about taking care of my sexual health.  As a woman at the legal age of 22, I am now entitled to get married with a man that I love and soon to have babies.  My man is no prince charming and not even rich.  Of course, it would be a wonderful feeling to have your own offspring.  What I am afraid of is money that having lots of children we cannot sustain their primary needs.  In my personal opinion, in the future I don't want my partner to wear a condom and I don't want to wear IUD when I'm older.

I respect the Church's stand being against RH Bill.  As what I have understood with their cries, using artificial contraceptives are a big NO for them.  That is HAVE SEX when you're MARRIED with the person you love, with the opposite sex, whom you can PRO-CREATE with.  Natural family planning was already approved by them.  The best thing to avoid sex is ABSTINENCE.  ABSTINENCE is applicable to anyone especially to those people who are still in the stage of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship - conserving one's purity.

 I don't have respect for some people who are ANTI-RH BILL but they are REALLY enjoying SEX while in a relationship.  Obviously, they are not yet married.  The reason they are ANTI-RH BILL is because they don't like to wear condoms. Worse, some of them are LIVING TOGETHER UNDER THE SAME ROOF and still THEY DON'T HAVE BABIES.  Yes, they don't use condoms but they are practicing NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING when obviously they are not yet a family.  The REAL HYPOCRISY is that they are READING THE HOLY BIBLE, a book that talks about the GOOD WORDS of GOD.

PRO-RH bill supporters are a mix of married and unmarried, of who have small and big families, and of conservative and liberated people.

ANTI-RH bill supporters are a mix of married and unmarried, of who have big families and don't have families, and of REAL CONSERVATIVE and HYPOCRITE people.  

I only have respect for these people: PRO RH-BILL conservative and liberated and ANTI-RH BILL real conservative.


Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Dictionary and The Holy Bible

Someone posted online that she doesn't need a dictionary to be wise but all she needs is the Holy Bible.

This was her statement, "Someone gave me a piece of advice that I need a dictionary to be wise but I said, 'No thanks.  All I need is the Holy Bible.'"

I remember I told her that she needs a dictionary to check her grammar and vocabulary. It started from this argument: The Difference Between Colorful and Monochromatic Designs. I didn't say she needs a dictionary to be wise.

As we all know, a dictionary doesn't make you wise just like the Holy Bible.  We need to use the dictionary in order to check our grammar, vocabulary and the correct usage of English words in writing and speaking.  We need the Holy Bible to live the words of God.

The original language of the Bible was written in Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic.  There are versions of the Bible translated into other languages.  Gregory Martin made the English translation and the work was revised by Allen and Bristow.  Source:

For sure, the people who translated the Bible into English also studied the languages Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic.  We can't easily translate a foreign language to another if you don't know the language well.  That's why if we're in another country that speaks in different language we have to buy a dictionary from their mother tongue to English and vice versa.

I admit I seldom read or don't read the Holy Bible at all.  Well, I have read it when I was younger but didn't finish it though.  The Bible I used to read was written in English although there is a Cebuano version for that.  My father told me that if I want to learn to write and to speak in English, the Holy Bible is the most perfect book to read.  If I don't understand some of the words written on it, of course, I just have to refer the English dictionary.  Don't forget that it has the most beautiful stories of all time.

My father is done reading the Holy Bible.  He grew up in a convent because his uncle was a priest.  He even read the Cebuano version of the Holy Bible.  He admits that he always refer to an English dictionary (or English-Cebu and vice versa) to know the meaning of the words he has encountered.

The words of God are very deep.  The words written on the Bible have several idiomatic expressions.  Some may be able to understand, some may be not.  Some people have different interpretations with the Bible.

The Bible explains how to live.  Reading the Holy Bible doesn't make you wise instantly.  The real wisdom we can get from the Holy Bible is to live and act every word of it.  That is practice what we preach or what we learn from the Bible.

Please don't be a HYPOCRITE that you don't need a dictionary to check the meaning of the words you encounter from the Bible. If we can't understand it, we even ask more from someone who knows the Bible well for explanation.  

Sorry if I have the impression of her comparing which is wiser than the other.  The Holy Bible is INCOMPARABLE.  It teaches us to listen, act and live the good words of God.  A dictionary improves us to learn the language and the correct usage of words.  Mathematics helps us to be skilled in arithmetic.  Science and technology make our lives easier.

All in all, these are books that talk about different subjects or topic but they have the same purpose, to educate us from different fields.

You can't be wise instantly just by reading a book.  You can be wise through experience, act and live upon it.  Another thing is to be an apprentice to gain wisdom from the expert.

I just want to share this to you what I've found online.  It talks about wisdom.

Disclaimer: Pictures above are not mine.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Does Online Job Make You Rich?

Next month, I'll be celebrating my two years working at home or online job.  To answer the question of the title above, online job doesn't make you rich.

Before I landed this online job, I started working as a service crew in a Quick Service Restaurant for six months (I was a working student).  I was also hired by a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company; it's a data collection firm that is the basis of market research. I only lasted for two weeks for I can't handle the working lifestyle.  I am not even nocturnal.  I even worked as a sales staff in a sports company for three months.  I also worked as a data entry operator for another BPO company, they are into data processing and I only lasted for ten months.

How I Landed For An Online Job?

A friend of mine who was my workmate in a data collection firm told me about oDesk. Our communication was through messenger and she gave me the link.  She even told me about her jobs and I got interested.  That was also the time I was working in a data processing company.  Because I have internet connection at home, I gave it a try.  My friend was busy at that time so there was no time for me to ask more questions.  I did some self-study.  Because of patience, I got my first data entry job.

Getting an online job is not really easy because you have lots of competitors from another country especially in India.  Having an online job is also an outsourcing job like BPO companies but the advantage is you are in your own home.  We all know that Philippines is now emerging as the call center in the world.  Study shows that Philippines overtake India as BPO call center hub. Source:,/survey/by/ibm/&id=8621

While I was working for a full-time job in a BPO company, oDesk serves as my part-time job.

When an Online Job Becomes Your Full-time Job

I only lasted for ten months from my previous work in a BPO company.  The reason was I got sick and I needed full-time rest to gain my energy.  I was really thin that my appetite got affected.  I also realized that if I focus on my online job, I am really sure that I could earn more money working at home than being employed in a company.  

A decision was made so I resigned.  I took a vacation with my college friends.  It was not really a worry for me to spend money because I always have my savings since I started working.  I was also waiting for my separation pay and my salary in oDesk.  All in all, I wasn't totally broke. ^_^

After the vacation, I had online jobs waiting for me.  Of course, my clients are really good to me so I enjoyed my vacation not worrying for work.  I always increase my rate to one dollar every time I got a five-star feedback.  I had several part-time jobs and a full-time job.

Is Online Job Right For You?

You have to try one if online job is right for you.  In my own personal experience, online job is right for me because I really appreciate it very much.  I enjoyed the advantages like having my own time, no rush hour for being late, no reprimands from superiors, and I can ask a pay raise from clients.

Common Disadvantage of Online Job

For me, the common disadvantage of online job is the lack of stability.  Obviously, it is really different when you are employed by a company.  That is why there's a word called freelance, you are an independent individual who is not affiliated by any company or organization.  You are a person who pursues profession without a long-term commitment with any employer.  Freelance work is frequently sporadic, therefore, you are still earning.

Online Jobs Have Great Earnings

Yes, it is really true but it doesn't mean you can be rich instantly.  It's how you make negotiations with your clients and manage your own money whether you spend it for buying expensive things that will cost you liabilities or buying things that serve as your investment assets.  Of course, patience and hard work are factors to earn more.

Any thoughts about online job? Share some.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Difference Between Colorful and Monochromatic Designs

I can't help to blog about this.  Since this is a blog where I can post my opinions about a certain topic, I am free to express it here as long as I am not attacking a person below the belt.

This post is all about the wedding invitation I have designed for my business.  I uploaded the photos on my Facebook profile.  Actually, this is the first design with three colors: blue, green and red.  I received comments about appreciation and other points for improvement.

This is my first monochromatic design for a wedding invitation featuring the color red.
MONOCHROMATIC RED / SHADES OF RED - colors may vary depends on the MOTIF of your WEDDING :D, messages can be vary with limited length.
I received a first comment for this photo above stating, "too colorful and too stylist..." Can you see errors with this phrase?

Error # 1 - Too Colorful
When we say colorful, it means that the design uses different colors.  Since I am using monochromatic, my design only uses one color with different shades. Here is a reference for my search:

With the same website I referred, he stated that using monochromatic design makes it less colorful.

Error # 2 - Too Stylist
Stylist is a noun and it refers to a person who designs, develops or advises on styles.  If we have to correct it, it should be "too stylish" that is my design is on the trend and modish.  Of course, I created my design with style.

Another comment I received, "the page is full of colors. Minimize overflowing the colors into one page..."

Error # 3 - Full of Colors
There is no way that my design for this wedding invitation has full of colors.  As what I've said it only has one color which is red.

Error # 4 - Minimize overflowing the colors into one page
Let's not touch the grammatical error for this phrase.  The question is how can I minimize the overflowing of the colors into a page when I am just using one color for this design?

There are lots of things she posted comments about this and the more she talks, the more mistakes she will make.  I just don't want to get details about it.  She said that she was only suggesting and gave me some constructive criticisms.  She even told me that I wasn't open to her suggestions.  She added that improvement doesn't come from appreciation but from critics.

The person was trying to be a critic when in the first place her suggestions and criticisms were not even helpful.  She doesn't even realize that she has to be criticized the way she gave comments on my photo.

I handled her criticisms well but she didn't handle well the criticism she received from me.  She was or still angry at me.  She was or still being emotional.  She even insulted me how dumb I was in high school or for not being a professional since I am no bachelor graduate in college.  She doesn't want to become friends with me anymore.  I have no personal grudges for this person.  Here is a reference about responding to criticisms:

All the four errors above were written in the original form (no changes have been made).  She wrote it in English so sorry for some grammatical error.  She translated the word colorful to Cebuano which is "napuno sa color" which synonymous with "full color" or "full of colors."  I knew that the color design of my background was "too much" or shall I say "nasobraan sa color" that the message was not readable at all.

I know there are some people are talking behind my back for they didn't know the whole story.  They didn't know how it began.  It is really unfair that they only listen to one side only and judged me for being the cruelest person they've met.

To end this blog post, here is the improved design for this wedding invitation.  I lessened the background's opacity so that it would be easy for readers to see the message.  I also increased the font size for this.  My design is just simple.  I also did the same thing for blue and green.

Disclaimer:  For any English grammar error, just send me a private message about it and I'll be happy to change it correctly.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Am Paid to Write, My Way of Living

I'm writing articles right now.  It's good to have to check your vocabularies and stuffs.  I am paid to write and this is my way of living.  Once wrong grammar appears on my articles, it's rejection and no pay. So proofread before publishing it.  Anyway, English is a Universal Language which people all over the world can understand it.  I only write and speak simple English.

Let's be responsible on what we write when it is intended for the public.  We don't write something we don't know especially if we are talking about a certain topic.  What's the purpose of research, right? Before saying or writing something, make some research.  Readers or listeners will ask what you're talking about and you're ready to defend yourself when someone will ask questions regarding the topic.  At least, you're ready on what to answer and you won't find yourself tongue-tied.

People love right information that won't mislead us to something.  There are some terminologies that we don't understand.  If we already knew it, we even ask for clarifications or further explanations just to get rid of doubts.  No one can stop you when your basis is true.

Friday, June 24, 2011

RepairPal - You're Repairing Partner for your Cars

I am really excited for next month because I am planning for a driving lesson.  My father's car just stayed on the garage for few months already and it needs to be repaired soon.  I am thankful that I earn money from my job and I need to know how to drive a car soon.

My father has no money for the repair.  I searched on the internet for repair estimates and I found  Repairpal gives an independent and unbiased estimates.  The great thing about it, it's for free.  I told my father about this and he was in charge for it because he is the one who knows about cars.

I am not a car fanatic but browsing at gives me curiosity and interest about cars.  I found their recent car reviews and I am enjoying reading their write-ups about their cars.  It would be nice to write something about my car in the future.  I hope after the driving lesson I can start to have my own car but not to make too much expenses, it's better to repair dad's car since he seldom use it.

I enjoy reading their auto repair encyclopedia because there are lots of articles that are really worth reading for.  They gave several tips especially on how to save money on car insurance.  That's the article I have first read.  If you have problems about your car, you can to their car info.  All in all, the website is very great and useful for car savvy.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Real Supporters of ANTI-RH BILL


1.  Married couples who are planning for 2 to 3 children and are only aiming for NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING for this is already approved by the Roman Catholic Church.  ABSTINENCE is also a great factor in order not to get pregnant.  If you are wealthy enough and can provide the needs of your family, THE MORE, THE MERRIER.

2.  Single men and women who are aiming for a love of their life to come.  Once proposed for getting married, they can bear a child and go for NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING or ABSTINENCE if they want to.

3.  Girlfriend and Boyfriend relationship who never touched each other because they believe that SEX is for MARRIED LIFE which they can PRO-CREATE.  After having babies, it's their decision for doing NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING or ABSTINENCE if they want to.

Any real supporters of ANTI-RH BILL out there?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Difference of ANTI-RH BILL and PRO-RH BILL

The Reproductive Health bill, popularly known as the RH bill, is a Philippine bill aiming to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care. The bill has become the center of a contentious national debate. There are presently two bills with the same goals: House Bill No. 4244 or An Act Providing for a Comprehensive Policy on Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health, and Population and Development, and For Other Purposes introduced by Albay 1st district Representative Edcel Lagman, and Senate Bill No. 2378 or the Reproductive Health Act introduced by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.
While there is general agreement about its provisions on maternal and child health, there is great debate on its key proposal that the Filipino taxpayer and the private sector will fund and undertake widespread distribution of family planning devices such as birth control pills (BCPs) and IUDs, as the government continues to disseminate information on their use through all health care centers. Private companies and the public and private elementary and secondary school system will be required to participate in this information and product dissemination as a way of controlling the population of the Philippines.[1]
The bill is highly controversial, with experts, academics, religious institutions, and major political figures both supporting and opposing it, often criticizing the government and each other in the process. The issue is so divisive that at one point, the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines threatened to excommunicate the President, Benigno Aquino III if he supported the bill.
I really don't know why the Roman Catholic Church and some people OPPOSE RH BILL.  They say RH BILL is ANTI-LIFE because it PREVENTS A WOMAN TO GET PREGNANT, or the prevention of meeting the sperm and egg cell to create a life or a baby.  With the use of artificial methods of family planning like condoms, IUD and such they say it's IMMORAL.

Natural family planning (NFP) is a term referring to the family planning methods approved by the Roman Catholic Church. In accordance with the Church's requirements for sexual behavior in keeping with its philosophy of the dignity of the human person, NFP excludes the use of other methods of birth control.
Periodic abstinence and the natural infertility caused by breastfeeding are the only methods deemed moral by the Church for avoiding pregnancy. When used to avoid pregnancy, NFP limits sexual intercourse to naturally infertile periods: portions of the menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, or after menopause. Various methods may be used to identify whether a woman is likely to be fertile; this information may be used in attempts to either avoid or achieve pregnancy.
My mind is a mess what the Roman Catholic Church is fighting for? Is PRO and ANTI-RH BILL a fight between Artificial and Natural Family Planning? The church says they are PRO-LIFE but the methods of natural family planning also PREVENT the meeting of sperm and egg cell to create a LIFE if they chose not to.

The church already approved the NATURAL WAY OF PREVENTING LIFE when they are PRO-LIFE.  Huh? What? I'm having trouble while writing this.

They say ABSTINENCE is the answer.  Yes, I agree with you because it is the best of all in order not to get pregnant.  I will totally agree with you if you only say the reason you are ANTI-RH BILL is because of ABSTINENCE.  To abstain is to no sex, no babies, and no pleasure. No if's and but's.  Please don't confuse ANTI-RH BILL with Natural Family Planning because it will just contradict that you are PRO-LIFE.  Again and again, natural family planning is a method of preventing life without the use of artificial contraceptives.

I believe that RH Bill goes for Natural and Artificial Family Planning.  It is to educate people especially us women and girls.  We have the option to choose for Natural or Artificial Family Planning.  I am PRO-RH BILL but when the time I got married I'll go for Natural Family Planning and you can have a nice talk with your husband about ABSTINENCE.

RH BILL is a SELF-DEFENSE to us girls and women.  Admit it or not boys are more educated than us girls in terms of sex.  Boys are more curious than girls about sex.  Girls are totally innocent about sex during puberty stage.

This is my comment about why I go for RH BILL
waaah! I was in Grade 2 that learned about the ANATOMY OF MALE AND FEMALE'S REPRODUCTIVE ORGAN. the teacher explained to us when menstruation occurs to girls, they have the capability to get pregnant. Of course with an advice that we girls should take care of our body in order not to get pregnant in an early age as low as 11. There are healthy girls got their menstruation as early as grade 3 (same case with my younger sister coz i've got my mens during grade 6). The teacher explained to us in a conservative manner. I forgot if she introduced us about condoms, IUD and other artificial contraceptions, i think it was all ILLUSTRATIONS, not the real thing. If children are exposed to the illustrations, I am sure they can't buy CONDOMS, IUD so easily on a PHARMACY or CLINICS. Only people with the appropriate age can avail those contraceptions. What she told us girls is to take care of our body while we are young.

for 4th-6th graders, it is an appropriate age to have them learn about sex education. it doesn't mean that teachers teach them how to have sex, the position and blah blah blah. sex education is an AWARENESS. of course, we just let them know what will occur if this might happen. sex education is giving them warning. so do you think children with these ages can buy condoms and iud that easily? think again.

natural family planning already occurred to us in high school but not totally explained. i truly understand the calendar method, withdrawal method and other methods when i got to college because it was totally explained by our teacher who is a guy. most of my classmates are ENGINEERing students, MALES.

admit it or not BOYS ARE MORE EDUCATED THAN US GIRLS in terms of SEX. BOYS ARE MORE CURIOUS THAN US. BOYS ARE MORE EXPOSED to porn films. GIRLS ARE TOTALLY INNOCENT about sex during puberty stage.


why teen-aged girls got pregnant? maybe because they are prodigal, don't go to school and no education enough, rebellious, don't love their parents back, and some even got RAPED.

i'm PRO-RH BILL because it is a SELF-DEFENSE FOR ME as a WOMAN and to young girls.

if you are totally VIRGIN means you haven't been touch by a GUY while in a relationship, well and good you are doing ABSTINENCE then you are ANTI-RH BILL because you are PRO-LIFE and you go for PRO-CREATION without the use of FAMILY PLANNING, NO USE OF ARTIFICIAL AND NATURAL. ABSTINENCE MEANS NO SEX, NO BABIES, NO PLEASURE.

if you are a REAL SUPPORTER OF ANTI-RH BILL and you think RH BILL IS BAD, please do stand up and PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH.
For those who are ANTI-RH BILL, please clarify what you really are fighting for?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Capella Songs of Mike Tompkins

This morning, I alarmed my clock at 8 A.M. to get ready for a call via Skype for 9 A.M. and for my online job.  then I received a message to postpone it on Friday.  I'm done with the first project so I just continued on the second project.  Well, I got bored and searched for music videos on YouTube to listen and watch to.  I listened to Usher, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Maroon 5.

I am really a fan of Maroon 5 and I'm addicted to this song entitled Misery.  Yesterday, I was watching some episodes of Glee Season 2 and I love their rendition of Misery.

I was still on YouTube and I found an A Capella version of the song by Mike Tompkins.  I fell in love with this guy immediately. LOL A wide smile started to appear on my face when I heard the vocal instrumental breakdown started on to the bass.  It's amazing and by the way, he is cute.

I also watched his other videos. He made an A Capella version of Fireworks by Katy Perry. I enjoyed the video because it is so colorful. No offense to Katy Perry, this guy made a better version.

I immediately subscribe to his YouTube videos and looked for his fan page on Facebook. As of today, I'm his new fan.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rebecca Black - Victim of Cyber Bullying

Few days ago, I just posted how I became a victim of emotional bullying when I was in high school.  Now there's a victim of cyber bullying... her name is Rebecca Black.

Yesterday was Friday and now it's Saturday.  Yesterday was April Fool's Day and now is just an ordinary day. ☺ I don't even know who the girl is.  A lot of people posted her music video entitled Friday and almost everyone were bashing and bad-mouthing to the girl.  Before doing some judgment I made a little search about her.

She is just an American teen-aged girl who landed a music gig through a casting call from a production company called Ark Music Factory. The young girl flew to L.A to record a single, made a music video and posted it on YouTube.  I have read that the parents really pay for it so the company is really earning from the parents.  It is said her parents are rich.

Her parents are rich so they have the extra money for doing a music video for their child.  I think it's great to support your child's passion in order to pursue her talent.  Everyone loves to sing even though they are some who are bad singers.  Everyone has the right to post their YouTube videos since it's for free and as long you have your own account to access the site.  She's fortunate that her parents are just so supportive.  It's good to hear that her parents told her not to expect getting famous.  Anyway, good or bad publicity, it is still publicity.

I searched for the lyrics of her song while playing the music video.  All I can say the song, the lyrics and the video are just too simply ordinary.  Not the kind of song I could have LSS mode (last song syndrome) with.  I just played and heard it once since the song is very understandable.  She's having fun during the weekend.

While watching the music video, she's doing the singing all the time.  There's no a little bit of acting.  While singing, it was like she was just explaining through singing how she loves Friday.  I must say the music video is dry.  There was no highlight to make the audience wow or amazed.  It ended up some viewers being pissed off.

To the songwriters/lyricist of the song and the creators of the music video, I think they just made this for the sake of earning easy money.  They created lame lyrics and a boring music video... BAM! Benjamin’s on their pockets.  No offense with this comment, just my opinion.

I felt bad for Rebecca Black for being the victim of cyber bullying.  She doesn't deserve this and to think she's just too young at the age of 13.  This girl wants to have clean fun with the song and the video.  So far, it's the cleanest and most conservative song I've ever heard if you compare this to other pop music with the likes of Lady Gaga and among other singers.  The lyric is simple, clean, no dirty words, no hidden messages, no offensive materials like nudity and no symbolisms found on the music video.

If you don't like the song, just don't listen to it again to avoid LSS mode. Anyway, bashing and bad mouthing her is making her famous. Good or bad publicity is still publicity. ☺ To all haters of Rebecca Black: where you at right now? You are just in front of the computer, watching her YouTube video and wasting your time, effort, and saliva. LOL

Thursday, March 31, 2011

High School Life - The Story of a Girl Getting Bullied

Disclaimer: This is a personal experience.  Characters are not exposed by their real names.  No offense to people getting hit by this story. J

Have you experienced being BULLIED?
I have experienced being bullied when I was in high school.  Not physically but emotionally.

How about in work? Yes I have also experienced it but it will be another story.

1.  Physical bullying (hitting, kicking, taking things or returning things damaged)

2.  Verbal bullying (name-calling, taunting, insulting)

3.  Emotional bullying (shunning, spreading nasty gossip)

4.  Sexual bullying (unwanted physical contact or sexually abusive or
inappropriate comments)

5.  Racist bullying (racial slurs, offensive gestures, or making jokes about
a child's cultural traditions)

6.  Cyber bullying (spreading hurtful images and/or messages via email, chat rooms, etc.)

Emotional bullying was what I have experienced then.


I was just an ordinary student.  I didn't excel much in every subject.  Some of my grades are low and some are high; not that really high but I get a passing mark.  I was a lazy student because I never study that much.  I just don’t pressure myself in studying.  I was more like a happy-go-lucky student.  If I pass the exam, then good; if I didn't then its fine but of course I'll soon suffer the consequences of this lousy deed. My weakest subjects were Math and Science.  I was also a late comer.  The problems that I have caused to some teachers were getting low grades on major subjects and being a late comer. J Hey, I am not dumb.  I am just lazy.  Hahaha!


I don’t belong from a rich family.  My parents did not earn professional degrees.  Both of them are just high school graduates.  I'm proud even if my mother is just a plain and dedicated housewife. My father was a typist, which was what he does for a living when we were young.  We are still struggling until now and we have our little store.  My uncle offered to finance my studies during high school.


The Good Classmates/Schoolmates – Until now, these classmates/schoolmates became my GOOD FRIENDS.  These are the people who accepted me for who I am – being crazy, being hilarious, being not the good student in class, being stupid most of the times and so much more.  I know that I don’t have all the qualities of a best student but I assure them that I am a good friend.

The Bad Classmates/Schoolmates – I’ll generalize them as bad because they are not good to me. LOL

Well, I say some were really MEAN TO ME.  I’ve experienced being bullied by some of them through GOSSIPS or talking about me behind my back.
I really don’t know much of the reasons why I was a favorite topic of their conversation and always the subject of their past time.   I know they made fun of me.  Some even hated me that they love to degrade me.  It is still unknown WHY THEY HATE ME and WHAT ARE THE THINGS THEY HATE SO MUCH ABOUT ME. I can only imagine how much time they have wasted just to keep in track of my every wrong move.

These are the things I have remembered about me being BULLIED:

FYI, I haven’t done anything bad to these people.
  • I have this friend, Mutya, we were so close.  I had other classmates and I never thought they could be so mean to me so I named these bullies Takla and Tekla. These bullies made friends with Mutya.  On the next day, I was shocked that Mutya was avoiding me and hated me.  Takla and Tekla were also doing it.  I knew for myself I haven’t done anything so I just ignored them.
  • I was watering the plants that morning when suddenly I heard Takla talking to a group of older schoolmates.  She had a loud voice that she really wanted me to hear it.  Yes, they were talking about me.
  • Mutya was bullied by Takla after Mutya made friends with me again.  One day, Mutya told me that she was confronted by Takla yesterday afternoon. I asked helped from Mr. Teacher because I didn’t like it to get worst.  Mr. Teacher knew I’m no trouble maker.
  • After what happened at Mr. Teacher’s office, I thought the bullying would stop.  Takla had influenced other classmates to dislike me.  They were growing in numbers.
  • I was late on the first class and I found out they were making a group for a certain activity.  I approached the group of boys to be with them but they didn't let me because they were all boys.  I approached the other group where some friends were there and also Takla but she acted like the authority and told them not letting me to join their group.  DISCRIMINATION!
  • My other friends telling me that Takla really disliked me.  She even told them bad things about me.  I was really curious but my friends haven’t told me those nasty things so that I won’t get hurt.
  • On 4th year, it was a relief because we ended up not to be classmates. Whew! Hahaha!
  • Biday was a classmate since elementary.  We were good friends but during grade 4, she started to dislike me until high school.  Takla and Biday really connived.
  • I was shocked when Biday told my other classmates about the criticism she found on my younger brother’s mouth.
  • Kiray even criticized my thick lips. My parents were hurt about it because I am their child and they have it too.
  • Bullies criticized me being UGLY AS A WHOLE as if I don’t have the chance to be beautiful.
  • Bullies were UNDERESTIMATING ME as if I don’t have the future and the talent.
  • The love of imported chocolates – Agua gave me imported chocolate bars brought by his father who came from abroad.  I was glad she gave me and I told her how I love other imported chocolates.  I was telling her that I have a cousin who is half-Norwegian.  She ate the whole BAR NUTS and ended up throwing it from her mouth.  I was shocked with the rumor scattered that if I eat local chocolates, my tongue gets itchy.
  • We had a conversation with a classmate just for fun and I asked, “Are you DEAF?” with the correct pronunciation of the word.  She stopped me and corrected me the wrong pronunciation which sounded as the word LEAF.  This argument was brought up on the next day and this classmate spread this to our other classmates on how I made a mistake of the pronunciation.  Most of them agreed that DEAF sounded as LEAF but I appealed that DEAF sounded as DEAD.  The only thing that I had was the dictionary but still they didn't believe me.  It was a blessing in disguise when Miss Teacher discussed about “DEAF-MUTE” with the correct pronunciation same as mine.  The argument ended that time by staring at them and they were speechless.  These classmates or bullies tried to embarrass me but they weren't successful. LOL
  • A classmate told me that Biday underestimated my course to take on college which is Information Technology.
  • Agua told me that Takla realized that my friend Agua is a nice person but Takla didn’t like her because she’s friends with me.  They could be good friends if Agua has not been friends with me.
  • Agua confessed to me that this classmate/schoolmate of ours told her not to be friends with me because I might be a bad influence to Agua.
  • Even with their so-called “reunion” after high school which all of us were in college, another friend, Mara told me that I am still a favorite topic by their GOSSIPS to some bullies/classmates/schoolmates.  The reason I haven’t attended with the past reunions is because I was so busy with my job while studying.  Yes, I’ve been a working student and my other classmates were busy talking behind my back.
  • I made enemies even after high school (FYI, I didn't start the fight.  I only fight back when someone attacks me. ) – Malandi was a year ahead of me, no one knows she was a friend of mine, or should I say they were shocked when they knew we became friends even after high school.  Our friendship ruined when she accused me of being kleptomaniac when in fact it’s not true.  Actually it was really her fault.  I really don’t want get into details because it was a long story.  It ended up her being shameful.
  • Markova was a friend then.  We even had communication after high school.  We got along together when we found things we have in common like being a working student in the company we used to work with but we were not workmates.  We landed on a good paying job even though we haven’t finished our bachelor degree.  I don’t know what happened but I seemed like a stranger to him after.  He was angry to me about personal things.  He was much updated with my Facebook status and he even called me narcissistic. I honestly and actually didn't know what it was meant so I hurriedly Googled it. 


There are lots of classifications in Narcissism.  I’m not a Narcissistic person but I’ll consider myself doing healthy Narcissism. I love myself, what I am doing, sharing my good experience to anyone, being optimistic, enjoying what I have right now, working and earning for my family and being great to little things.  Some people may find me boastful.  I beg to disagree. I am not boastful because all the things I’ve said are true.  I’m not even lying.  I am just proud with my little achievement and happy with it.  

Is it bad to shout out to the whole world or whole Facebook that I am happy? Every status I posted on Facebook, I was just talking about myself. I only post a status against a person or to anyone in order to fight back. I shout out my feelings about how some things are so uncertain to me.  It’s funny that there are some people were reading my Facebook status and ended up hating me because I FEEL GOOD WITH MY STATUS.  

Hey, I never hurt anyone. Telling others about your achievement is one way of telling them that "Hey, if this bullied weakling right here can do it, you can do it too." It's more like encouraging people rather than wagging my own tail. I'd rather be outspoken and proud about my little achievements rather than keeping my success to myself. It's one way for any normal person (unless those haters are nuts) to tap her shoulder and give herself a sense of accomplishment to boost her confidence. 


Healthy narcissism is a structural truthfulness of the self, achievement of self and object constancy, synchronization between the self and the superego and a balance between libidinal and aggressive drives (the ability to receive gratification from others and the drive for impulse expression). Healthy narcissism forms a constant, realistic self-interest and mature goals and principles and an ability to form deep object relations.[8] A feature related to healthy narcissism is the feeling of greatness. This is often used to compensate for insecurity or inadequacy. [source]


Further studies have shown that envy and resentment may be motives for bullying.[25] Research on the self-esteem of bullies has produced equivocal results.[26][27] While some bullies are arrogant and narcissistic,[28] others can use bullying as a tool to conceal shame or anxiety or to boost self esteem: by demeaning others, the abuser him/herself feels empowered. [source]

I’ve told you that I’ve never been a good student.  If all of us were ranked from highest to lowest, it is expected that I’ve got the lowest ranking.  These bullies belong to average or rich families.  I belong to the poor family and I have nothing to beat them.  I remained an ordinary student.  I was not even popular compared to them.  I am very silent during classes but very talkative during break times.  Yes, I am such a talkative person that I have lots of things to say.  Everything I say, they misinterpret it as me being boastful.  Or they just don’t give me the right to talk too much because I was not a brilliant student.
My parents knew all the things that happened to me during high school but they are confident that I can handle it well.  They never intervened or went to the teachers about me being bullied.  My parents were never called by teachers because of me getting low grades.  I was able to manage all the things I had even though I cried at home from the bullies and the low grades.  They even borrowed money to other people in order for me to have my own copy or photocopies of the books.  Yes, I was even thinking to quit my studies there and transfer to another school because of the bullying from other classmates.  My father just stopped me not to because I might lose the opportunity I had on that school.  He just told me that maybe these bullies were just envious of me, INSECURE, and had problems with their own selves or with their family.

As long as you don't hurt anyone along the way, you are free to do anything. You see, everything narrows down to happiness and if hating me is my hater's definition of happiness then that would be flattering. One thing's for sure-- hating me won't make you beautiful. We all have an itch somewhere in our body and hating me won't make you feel itch less and flawless in one way or another. 

Moral of the story:

  • Always tell your parents about your problem in school.  Open communication will help you to ease the pain. 
  • Ignore the bullies first
  • But fight back when needed.
  • Be confident with yourself even others are degrading you.
  • Bear in mind that the reasons people are bullying you is because there is something in you that they don’t have.  You are a threat to the bullies. LOL

Have you experienced being bullied? How did you handle the situation? Share your thoughts about this.