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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Willie Revillame Will Resign If ABS-CBN Won't Take Out Jobert Sucaldito

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When I was watching the news about the matter, Willie Revillame was really arrogant challenging ABS-CBN that he will resign if they won't take out Jobert Sucaldito. I love the show but I am having a dislike already to the host. He challenged the management as if he really owns the show. He is acting like the management of ABS-CBN were already bended knees on him.

We all knew that the WOWOWEE show is really earning a lot because of its sponsors but is there a reason to act like that? If he is mad to Jobert, let it be but the commentator didn't do anything to the show but only to him because of the way he criticized the people around him especially to his staffs if they did some mistakes.

I guess he is now different from the time he got suspended. The time he was into it, we knew how zero balance he was. Look at him now, he is really rich we couldn't imagine that it feels like he is richer than those three guys in Eat Bulaga (referring to Tito, Vic and Joey).

If he would resign, then he should do it with no IFs and BUTs.

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