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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sangguniang Kabataan Should Be Abolished

This is just my opinion and I hope I don't offend anyone.  SK or Sangguniang Kabataan really wastes money.  Sorry for being straight to the point but this is really true.  When I was younger, I never thought that there were SK Elections.  I only registered for COMELEC when I was 17 going to 18 and I had my first vote during the national elections.

In my barangay, I really don't know if SK really works.  I never heard anyone or any chairman that was so active on activities.  Well, may be because I am not that sociable but I am only few blocks away from the barangay hall.  All this year, I never knew who was the SK Chairman but I was just shocked to know it on Facebook that the guy was the chairman.  As what I've said, I never heard of anything from him but all I know is that he is a sibling of a former classmate.  I never heard of projects that were implemented.

I really don't know what is the purpose of Sangguniang Kabataan or should I say I've never seen their purpose in my community.  I even heard that during the barangay or local election 2010, some youths running for the seat are already practicing corruption. I would appreciate more the leaders on their school organizations because I can see the purpose and already made some implementations.  It's true that I am generalizing but only few youths are doing great with their seat.  For me, SK should be abolished.  The youths have more time to shine in doing their leadership skills but not SK.


Lakbay Philippines said...

well, the SK is the training ground for our future corrupt leaders. it is the springboard for ambitious young people to be like their father, mother, uncle or whoever relative is in a government position, and would ultimately be the heir to the throne.
i'm not talking like a loon here, i'm talking about reality.

Rox said...

yes! i agree with the REALITY.