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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just Watched Two Movies A While Ago

I am really having a vacation.  A vacation to be away from my online job.  It is also because I am busy with myself processing for graduation for this week.  Tomorrow I have to go the city for a photo shoot and to the bank.

This afternoon I went to a salon to scrape my split ends on my hair.  It turned out that my long hair went to a not-so-very-long-at-all and my head feels light because it's thin.  Haven't take a snapshot of my hair yet.

I never spent a movie marathon by the time I got my online job, until then I have my so-called vacation, I just watched Here Comes The Bride.  Just click the image to read the synopsis from Star Cinema.  You will never regret watching the movie because from the beginning until the end, you always keep on laughing.

I really admire more Angelica Panganiban for being a versatile actress.  She can handle the characters from being so sweet and conservative girl to a liberated one.  Just like what she did on the teleserye, Rubi.  It was funny by the time they had swapping their souls and the swapping of their characters.  All the main actors, Angelica Panganiban, Eugene Domingo, John Lapuz, Tuesday Vargas and Jaime Fabregas really did a great job for the movie.  The coolest wedding movie flick I've ever seen.  If you are sad, it is best to watch this movie all over again.  Cool thing, there was Kuya Kim Atienza as himself and of course, giving trivia to them on what happened to themselves.

To Infinity and Beyond! The favorite line of Buzz Lightyear.  Here's also Woody, the best buddy of Andy.  Andy is now all grown-up going to college and it seems that he is not going to play his toys anymore.  Woody, as the best buddy, will be going to college with Andy while the rest would be in the attic.  Until the toys except Woody put in a trash bag, and accidentally picked up mom and thrown outside waiting for a garbage truck.  The adventure begins on the journey while Woody saving them from the Sunnyside Daycare to get them back on the attic.  It is a very long story but there's a touching part of it.  Andy found a note written by Woody that the toys should be given to a kid that is so special who really knows how to take care of toys.  He brought the toys to the little girl and played it the very last time before going to college.  It is a relieved for Andy that his toys are well taken care of.

images credited to Star Cinema and Walt Disney

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