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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mara Clara: Mara Is Alive, has AMNESIA and it's OA

Are you an avid fan of Mara Clara? Well, I've seen the original television series of this show starred by Judy Ann Santos and Gladys Reyes.  That was kind of epic because Mara Clara lasted for almost 5 years from August 17, 1992 to February 14, 1997 until some of the cast had an unexpected death due to a car accident.

Mara Clara has a remake last year 2010 starred by Kathryn Bernardo as Mara and Julia Montes as Clara.  They were lots of twist have been made with the remake and indeed it was kind of unpredictable but really I am DISMAYED for I already predicted what will happen to Mara.  Hahaha!

Here is a video which the little girl cried a lot when she found out that Mara is dead.

I posted a Facebook status last Monday, March 7 about speculations with the death of Mara.  It's really impossible for the protagonist to die suddenly.  If it was not Mara, who would have died? Some commented that it would be Lenita played by Jamila Obispo, who immediately ran for Mara and saved her and was left with the bomb and explode.  So I immediately concluded that Mara will be having AMNESIA on the next episode just like what happened to Kristine series with the character Jewel Fortalejo played by Kristine Reyes, who was in an empty house that was exploded.  They thought she was dead but suddenly SHE WAS JUST HAVING AMNESIA.

See? The story is very common and it's easy to PREDICT.  I was not mistaken when I watched the episode a while ago and confirmed Mara is having AMNESIA.  Waah! IT'S SO O.A because it's very common.  No offense but I think ABS-CBN likes girls having amnesia just like with the movie, MY AMNESIA GIRL.  Hahahaha!

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janeanthonettereyes said...

Yup--- I also predicted it from previous episodes.... but Damn! That freaking show really makes me believe that Mara is DEAD!!! I really thought Mara (kathryn in real life) leave the show for bigger opportunity, plus when i saw lenita--- as in I Silently cry! as in I grieving!! lol--!Yup-- I am a fool--- indeed... I really dont know what will happen next-- so i gonna keep on watching--- DAMN it!--- Mara clara changes my sleeping habit!!! UUURRGGGG!!!

Rox said...

haha! it's impossible for Mara to be dead. I'm still waiting for Gary to die. hahaha!

jane anthonette said...

@Rox--- Haha! Yup! me too! I want Gary to be die!!! super hate him!!!! lolz---m BTW--love ur Blog^^

Rox said...

Thanks for loving my blog. ^____^ you can visit my other blog

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