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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If Manny Villar would be President, Is Conflict of Interest be Possible?

I've heard on television that if Manny Villar would be President, he said that he will disconnect himself from any business he has in the present to avoid CONFLICT OF INTEREST. My only reaction was, "REALLY???? SURE????". The question is how will he do that??? I think that's very impossible to think that he has lots of real-estate businesses and there's also a joint project with his partner, Willie Revillame for the Wil Tower Mall.

On Facebook, it quoted "This is the first joint venture project of presidential candidate, Senator Manny Villar and popular host of top noontime show 'WOWOWEE', in the Philippines, Mr. Willie Revillame. WIL TOWER MALL is a banner project of VISTA RESIDENCES." The mall will rise sooner or later. Revillame announced the mall in Wowowee before his endorsement of Manny Villar , so I just thought that, "Wow! Willie is already a rich man." We all knew about his luxurious yacht so maybe he could afford himself for the mall business. For how many months during the election campaign, Willie fully announced for endorsing Villar and telling the people about the mall that they are partners.

Manny Villar is just so smart in terms of business. Wowowee has lots of fans, WORLDWIDE. So his main target are the Filipino Subscribers who want to have a vacation in the Philippines. I think Willie is the dummy here and the mall was named after him just to cover-up Manny Villar and his CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

Watch the video about Manny Villar's Scandals:

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