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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Impeach Corona, Impeach Midnight Appointees

This photo was shared by Kevin Ray Chua on Facebook so I just want to share this on my blog.  If Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is an invalid 14th President, so as well as her midnight appointees like Corona.  I think the new administration has the right to impeach the midnight appointees made by GMA since she was not the real President during her time.

ComElec (Commissions on Elections) declared that the real 14th President should be the late actor Fernando Poe Jr. (although he had not rendered his service) for the sake that he was really the winner of 2004 Presidential Election.

Disclaimer: The picture above is not mine.  I just want to share this.

Friday, December 2, 2011

There's a Hater on my Blog

There is this frequent visitor who reads my blog and leaves nasty comments here.  This person is using several e-mail accounts and several nicknames.  She leaves comments as if there are several persons.  What is so funny that I already traced her IP addresses.

This hater is so trying hard with her English.  I admit that I also have grammatical errors with my blogs but not really that obvious.  The way she writes her comment, it is really too wordy and some are redundant.  It's funny that some are wrong terms.  I am not really that rich in vocabulary that is why I only use simple English.

These are the IP Addresses I've found lark acop sweetheart69 sweetheart69 sweetheart69 chrismgab cheunabz cheunabz naima zuleika blueradix chris_deric_123

There's only one person I have in mind.  It's from someone on the IP Address  Maybe she still have other friends who leave nasty comments to support her.

My hater is an example of a CYBER BULLY.  She's using the internet to pissed me around while hiding in several user names.  Ha ha ha!  She thought that she can't be traced.  I just wonder, why don't just face me?

She should be accountable with her acts either it's online or offline.  If she says I'm humiliating her in public, well, it's her fault.  She's the one who humiliates herself in public because of her irresponsible actions.  As you can see, it's like she lost her credibility, dignity, and education because of what we called HATRED.  Also, PRIDE is eating here.