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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Adam Lambert Lost his Humility

I got stuck on Adam Lambert when he joined the 8th season of American Idol. I was very fond of him because he is really handsome and also admired him with his awesome performance. I really bet that he would be the American Idol for the season. I also admired him for his humility every time the judges of American Idol praised his unpredictable performances. Even though he is gay, I still believe with his talent and that being gay is not a hindrance of his singing career as long as he stays being humble. During the finals, I was sad that he ended as the runner-up.

He is very open for being gay, I respect that, but I was disappointed when he kissed a guy during a performance. I was shocked because it was on tv and the possibility that children were also watching the performance. It wasn't the Adam Lambert that I saw on American Idol. The Adam Lambert today is the "I don't care what other people say as long as I am me." The "I don't care what other people say..." may be true but I guess he should think first on what he is going to say or do if he is not offending other people.

Recently, he commented on Susan Boyle's album that it is terrible. He said that he was crying with laughter when he first heard "Wild Horses" from the Rolling Stone's classics. Adam Lambert has no right to say that. To think, he is still starting after the American Idol. How many years did he already spent on Hollywood for giving that comment to Susan Boyle, who was also ended as runner up in Britain's Got Talent?

It is said that Adam Lambert may be jealous of Susan Boyle because his album, For Your Entertainment, was out of the top spot by Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream on US charts. No doubt that Susan Boyle's I Dreamed a Dream is already 4x platinum and sold for over 4 million copies only in the United States.

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