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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Life Before Ferdinand Marcos Declared Martial Law

I asked a friend who will he be going to vote for this coming election. He said he had no idea because he is not yet a registered voter. After a while, he told me that the best President in the country was Ferdinand Marcos, to think he is just 18 years young and I am already 21 years young. To think we never knew him but only in our history books. He told me about the works of the former President. I agreed but it was before the Martial Law.

I remember when I was in high school, that was the time I only met Ferdinand Marcos. For the first four years of serving the country, it was really great. On the second term, he was re-elected as President. Series of demonstrations occurred by the students about the higher rates of tuition fees until the Martial Law.

My mother told me that there's was no problem here in the Visayas area especially in Cebu. It was in Manila and the Luzon area that had the problem and also in Mindanao. The Visayas area consists of islands unlike Luzon and Mindanao have greater and wider areas so it's easy for people to form a group.

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