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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Hate Facebook's News Feed at the Home Page

I felt anew by the few changes of Facebook. Honestly, I don't like the News Feed at the home page. I am used of the Status Updates to be on that page. Why I hate it? It's because I don't want to see again the old posts that have been updated at the present. I am fond of reading status updates of the users. I think I am much updated of what other users are thinking than seeing the news feed. That's all, I hope that Status Updates will be at the HOME PAGE. I'm comfortable with it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dolphy's Advise to Willie Revillame in Entering Politics

Willie Revillame is the host of the number one noontime show of ABS-CBN which is Wowowee. I am a viewer and enjoy the show so much. His live audience really love him. We saw that a fan made a poem for him how she really idolize Willie.

In this coming election, Sen. Manny Villar is waiting for the confirmation of Mr. Wowowee to be his running mate as vice-president or as one of his senators. Willie is very active joining the senator on his projects, nowadays.

Dolphy, the Comedy King, advised Willie that if possible, he should not join the dirty tricks of politics. He also said that Willie had given too much happiness and help to the people. He should continue this in the entertainment world and no need for being vice-president or senator.

Dolphy is right. Willie should listen to him. We all knew that Willie is living in controversial life and giving happiness to people is admired enough. Also he should listen to his daughter, Meryll, who told him not to get involved politics.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Joseph Estrada is Out of my List for 2010 Presidential Election

The former President Joseph Estrada announced for his running as President to the incoming 2010 Election. He was very confident. To know his past story of this former President, Erap as Filipinos all knew, he was the 13th Philippine President, impeached in Congress and ousted through a popular uprising (The People Power or EDSA 2). He was convicted of plunder and granted pardon by his successor (Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo).

People of the Philippines! Please DON'T BE FOOLED AGAIN! He is not worth it for the position and was never worth it in the first place. For me, he has no right to run for the 2010 Election. It is really a shame to our country for having a President like him. I hope Mr. Estrada has delicadeza. I don't know if he still has it. Mr. Estrada, be ashamed and have delicadeza.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Basia Live in Manila on October 21 at the Big Dome

She's one of my favorite jazz musician. I first heard her song "Time and Tide" on the radio and saw her music video on MTV. I'm just easily addicted to Jazz Music.

Basia is a Polish singer-songwriter, real name is Barbara Trzetrzelewska. She's here in the Philippines for a concert entitled Basia Live in Manila: It's that Girl Again. Oh my! It's tomorrow. I can't even go. Hehehe! Wish I could go there and watch her show.

She is famously known with her trademark Latin-flavoured jazz-pop crossover songs during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Her first top selling solo album was Time and Tide.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Undecided to Vote for 2010 Elections

I am still undecided who to vote for. I don't even know what to write on this post. Hahaha! OMG! I don't even know the official list of who are going to run for Presidents and Vice-Presidents even though I knew some of them. I still don't know if I am going to trust them. Am I going to vote or not???

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dingdong Dantes, from Marian Rivera to Rhian Ramos?

Let's relax and have a chill for show business.

with Rhian

Dingdong Dantes and Rhian Ramos are getting closer because of their show on GMA entitled Stairway to Heaven, a remake from the Korean series. The DONGYAN fans (Dingdong-Marian Rivera) are so worried that he could be grabbed by her from Marian. It's not only the fans but also Marian.

with Marian

Remember when he was with Karylle? By the time they had relationship, he was making a tv series with Marian and later on, we just heard about Karylle-Dingdong's break-up and it was because of her and their closeness. Is she afraid of KARMA?

with Karylle

As a girl, I just don't understand why he can change girlfriends easily. I remember when he was with Antoinette Taus. Toni as her nickname, went to USA for some reason (actually I forgot) and she stayed there for a while. When she came back, her boyfriend was already with Karylle. After that, she went back to America and stay there for good.

with Antoinette

Is he really that WEAK AS A MAN? With their closeness with Rhian, is there a possibility that he could be stolen from Marian? Or he just want to be stolen?

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Controversial Cebu South Bus Terminal

What makes it controversial? It is because of the P5 entrance fee for passengers as a boarding pass and P100 or P120 for buses.

I am living in Cebu South, specifically Naga, and I am working in Cebu City. Everyday I take a ride from the city to my town. The day I went to the terminal, I was shocked by the P5 fee. All passengers entered the premises complained about it. To think there was no announcement or notice to the public about the said fee. As an ordinary and a poor commuter, P5 is a big money for me due to financial crisis. I had no chance to back out because I was already on the entrance.

I once worked there as a vendor. The ordinary people take the ordinary bus and rich people take the air con bus. For me, 90% are the ordinary passengers and 10% for the rich passengers.

The old CSBT was very hot, no waiting areas for passengers and had a SMELLY TOILET with fee. Now the new CSBT is cool with waiting areas and fully air-conditioned and a new improved toilet but still with charge.

It is true that the new CSBT is like an airport. The improvements attract new businesses (which rich people can afford). I've heard that with the P5, the use of the toilet would be also free but THAT'S NOT TRUE. The using of the CR is still a business (OH MY GOD!) so I am not just only paying P5 but beyond of the said amount if I use the toilet(tsk! tsk! tsk!).

I also heard from an ordinary vendor outside the terminal shouting, "Palit namo daan og tubig kay mahal na sa sulod!" (Buy water outside for it is already expensive inside!). It means that all the goods inside are double-priced or higher than the goods outside.

Click here to read the news of Philstar

As what I've said earlier, there was no announcement or notice to the public before it was implemented. Philstar reported and published on the same day when the fee was imposed.

Even though the terminal is already improved, the TRAFFIC still remained on that area especially when buses exit the area going south.

I just realized that only people who have think P5 is just a small amount can only use the terminal and not the ordinary people living in Cebu South. With that P5, in just 5 days I could save P125, in 4 weeks I could have P500, and in 12 months I could have P6000. Now, I am discouraged to use the place everyday in going home or maybe I'LL JUST USE THE PLACE IF HAVING A VACATION.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sex Scandal, Spreading Like Virus

Sex scandals are spreading like virus. A virus which all people are not afraid of, instead are very fond of it. Sex scandals are made by celebrities, politicians and some are just ordinary people such as students, couples, acquaintances and etc.

On the videos, we see that these people are really enjoying what they were doing. Feels like they were the star of their own show. What's so funny about it when the public see their show, they felt sorry for their own disgusting doings (*disgusting for it should be private). Hypocrisy sets in.

I really don't know why some people do these. When in fact sex is a private act. What happened to Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili (who didn't know about the video) is one example.

Katrina Halili is a celebrity, a sexy actress, a magazine cover girl for men like FHM and MAXIM but I believe that she had no knowledge about filming their private scene just as same as Maricar Reyes who never said a word about the controversy and just continued her acting career.

When I saw Hayden Kho as the new boyfriend of Dra. Vicki Belo, I was just shocked. He has a good face, so young and my first impression of him was like an innocent boy but is he a man with dark, deep secrets? Is he just too good to be true for Belo? I just asked myself if there's really love between Kho and Belo. Or it's just because Belo is just so famous and his digging the money of her. I thought he would never go to show business but I was wrong. He entered a talent show which he was paired with Katrina Halili (and the rest is now history).

When the controversy appeared, I was right about Hayden. It was so awful to see him on the camera saying sorry for what he had done with Katrina and to the rest of the girls who were involved on the sex tapes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Since this blog is all about the title above, I am here to post my views and beliefs in life and random things. Everyone of us are free to say what's on my mind especially if we were asked my someone to share our thoughts by a certain topic. Some may oppose, some may agree.

Have you remembered Miss California's answer of the pageant Miss USA 2009? Miss California Carrie Prejean was asked by a judge, who is Perez Hilton about gay marriage or something. Here are the clips to reminisce.

During the pageant

She was honest of what she said. Even though we all knew that the one who was asking is a gay person, she never responded the question for in favor for the one who asked.

Carrie Prejean's Interview on the Today Show

Yes you are right Carrie, standing for what you believe in.

His Retaliation

Tsk, tsk, tsk! He already had an answer on his question but unfortunately, for him, Miss California's responds was wrong because his was correct. (WTF!)

It wouldn't be a CONTROVERSIAL if not with the CONTROVERSIAL QUESTION and that couldn't be ask if that gay wasn't there. That was DEBATABLE and obviously some people MAY AGREE and some MAY OPPOSE. It was BIAS in the first place. As what I've said earlier, Perez already had an answer to his own question. It just happened that Miss California's response is not in favor for him and to the gay community.

To Perez Hilton, I think you should not asked beliefs from other people if you are not satisfied with what they say. Anyway, we are living in a free country and we can do things that make us happy. I knew some gays who are very happy having same-sex relationship or same-sex marriage. So be it!