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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Governor Gwen Garcia Stops CPDRC Dancing Inmates to Dance

I've read an article in a local newspaper that Governor Gwen Garcia decided to stop the CPDRC (Cebu Rehabilitation Center) inmates to dance. Many got sad about the news. The dancing of the prisoners was conceptualized by Byron Garcia.

As we have observed, the inmates are really enjoying with the dance routines and also they got famous here on the web. Dancing is a good exercise and a very enjoyable activity that could help you forgot your problem in a while.

CPDRC is a rehabilitation center (obviously!). Of course, it has a purpose, to restore one's self or making a change for improvement. A long time ago, there were cases of jail break, drugs and gambling. CPDRC was known by DILG (Department of Interior and Local Government) as a model that should be implemented in local government units and also in jail towns.

I still don't know why Governor Gwen Garcia wanted to stop the activity. Is it because of the rumor that the inmates should have received talent fees from Michael Jackson's This Is It?

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