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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dolphy Dies at 83 on July 10, 2012

The King of Comedy, Rodolfo "Dolphy"  Vera Quizon, Sr. has rumored last week to be dead and people were spreading tweets on Twitter with the hash tag #RIPDolphy.  This time, it's happening again (as of this writing at 9:22 PM).  Still I haven't found any reliable sources that he is already dead.

Update: So sad to learn this news from ABS-CBN and confirmed that Dolphy is already dead.  May you rest in peace.  You brought laughter to every household!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Maroon 5 Concert at the Big Dome Ticket Almost Sold Out

Maroon 5, my favorite band since This Love aired on the radio and I watched their music video on MTV.  I am crazy with the front man, Adam Levine. LOL and jokingly uttered and wished for a boyfriend named Adam. Uhm, no joke but my boyfriend's name is really Adam.

When I got the news that there will be a Maroon 5 concert again here in the country, I was feeling excited but the concert will be in Manila at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.  I can afford a plane ticket and the concert ticket but not the place to stay and I have no idea where to stay a clean, safe and affordable hostel.

I just read on the news that the tickets for the Maroon 5 concert at the Big Dome are almost sold out.  I am really wishing that they should have a concert in Cebu. Please Maroon 5, have a concert in Cebu. ^___^

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Split After 5 Years of Marriage

I am shocked to read the news about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise split.  I thought there was a third party involved but I found out that the reason was weird.

The reason Katie Holmes filed a divorced because of Tom Cruise's belief in Scientology.  I can't explain to you what it means because I have no idea.

Katie is just concerned with her daughter, Suri and she doesn't want her daughter to be dragged to the church.

Here is the video of Tom Cruise with Scientology. I still don't understand what he was talking on the video.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Unsay naa sa ANTI-RH nya mag LIVE-IN?

Unsay naa sa ANTI-RH nya mag LIVE-IN? 
by Jan Abayata 

Simple. Ako'y explain on your behalf, ani na cia day... ug tinuod ka na Romano Katoliko, ANTI jud ka'g RH BILL. Pero nag LIVE-IN man ka.. nya nakig-ipon ka sa usa ka laki na DILI MO MINYO, and it's also against your church na makig-ipon ka before marriage. Meaning: HIPOKRITA ka'ng dako. Nag sukwahi imong mga pagtuo. Kung ako ikaw, ayaw nalang pataka ug istorya.

Maski pa di mu mag SEX while nag live-in mo, it's still a sin against the church. I'm not an advocate of either RH or ANTI RH, cos my opinions are well-balanced. Ang ako lang, mu bitiw gani mo ug statement, especially if you use the word God, make sure that your beliefs are intact. Ayaw pataka ug wayway diha.

I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST YOU, SWEETHEART69 but you've triggered my inner lion by insulting me. Take off your anonymous cloak and take back what you've said. OR THERE WILL BE NO PEACE ON EARTH. I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE MISERABLE.

Disclaimer: Naay nangutana so getubag lang ni Jan Abayata. We are not against someone nga nisulod og Pre-Marital Sex ke ilaha man nang desisyon ngano nisulod ana. Di pud mi against sa nag live-in ke di sa tanang higayon nga maka afford og pakasal. Ang amo lang, di unta mogamit sa ngan sa Ginoo kun sukwahi ra kaayo sa imong pagtuo og gebuhat.  Di lang mi ganahan og mga tawong HIPOKRITA! Luod kaayo!

Mo comment paka Sweetheart69? Dili ni CYBER-BULLYING ke wa pa mopatim-aw kinsa sya ke nagpaka ANONYMOUS ra ba siya. Siya ra pud nag angga sa iyang kaugalingon nga sya si Sweetheart69.  Hahahaha!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

IMO - Ramgen - Janelle Sex Scandal Video

Just this morning I have watched the sex scandal video of Ramgen and Janelle.  I happened to see this when I posted a status about the murder case (if I am right about it) of Ramgen Revilla right at his own home.  Set aside about the case (may be I am going to write another blog post about it), here is my opinion about the video.

I was having GOOSEBUMPS watching the video even though it was just 54 seconds.  They are both young around 20's, same ages as me.  Of course, they are public figures because Janelle was part of Star Circle Quest (with Erich Gonzales) and Ramgen is the son of Sen. Ramon Revilla, Sr.

No question, they really love each other but I don't like the idea of having a sex video. I got the video link from a friend.

I still say, Justice for Ramgen Revilla!