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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pinoy Big Brother With The Teen-Internationals

I've been a fan of Pinoy Big Brother since the first season, the celebrities and the teen edition. What I am proud of is that Filipinos have the time to showcase their talents and what they can do for themselves.

The first broadcasting of the Big Brother was in the Netherlands. Many countries picked this already from Spain, Germany, USA, Portugal, UK, Sweden, and Belgium and among other countries. This reality tv show became a hit in 70 countries. The name of the show came from the 1948 dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell.

This edition of the Pinoy Big Brother is Teen Clash of 2010. I wondered what does it mean until I watched the first few episodes. Truly it was a clash between the rich and poor kids. Few weeks later, they had guests from other countries like in Korea, Singapore, Australia, and Canada. They are called as the Teenternationals. These folks are pure blooded foreigners with no streaks of Pinoy blood, obviously. They are living in the Philippines for how many months or years and they knew how to live here. First I knew is that they were just bed spacer in the PBB house so I thought that few weeks later, they will leave the house for few tasks. I never thought that Big Brother allowed them to be a part of the Top 6 together with the Pinoy teens.

The clash became between the Pinoy teens and the Teenternationals, Philippines versus International countries. There is no doubt that these teenternationals are also competitive in order to be on the top 6.

Tricia got evicted the other night and it turns out that there are 4 teenternationals and 3 Pinoy teens left. By the time the teen-internationals are included in the competition, all I can say is VERY UNFAIR. Why did I say such?

What's the use of the title of the show PINOY Big Brother if some of the contestants don't have the Filipino blood? Isn't it unfair that Teenternationals have more contestants than the Pinoy teens? It would be an insult to us that the show for us Filipinos have been won by a person from another country. Isn't it a shame? Aren't you proud of your own raise?

I am not discriminating foreigners and I am not anti-foreigner. I wish they changed the title from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash Edition to International Big Brother Teen Clash Edition.


shing said...

well, it's media -- what else do you expect? they make viewers happy by giving them what they want, and to them they think it's just right.

i'm not saying i'm pro-teenternationals being there. i just don't care about the show :)) *doesn't watch -- i don't believe in it*

Rox said...

hahaha! you are right shing. i don't have the mood to watch the PBB right now.

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