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Saturday, March 20, 2010

I Will Help My Country Through Paying Taxes

I am just an ordinary employee of a company with a regular wage. Now that election is coming, I want changes in my own country, progression. The question is how can I help my country when I am just an ordinary Filipino person?

For me, I will vote for a president who is not corrupt. I am expecting a President who has concern to his fellowmen and his country. The President should implement that those people who have work should pay their taxes religiously.

I've been employed to some companies. I am not a graduate but at least two years in college. I am happy that it was easy for me to find a job and even happier when I am employed to a reputable company because I am sure to myself that I could have good benefits. At least, I could help my country in a little way through paying my taxes.

But I observed that my own country has no progress. Corruptions are all over the country. Some politicians are getting richer because the money of the people are already on their pockets.

Filipinos are already hardworking but how come we are still behind and already belonged to the 3rd world country? The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. I hope that people from the low status of our community could have decent jobs for their family.

If everyone has decent jobs with regular wages, people can pay their taxes and everyone can help our country.


SEO specialist /Development Catalyst said...

you have good thoughts and we share the same sentiments about paying taxes.

Cebu Attractions said...

exactly. what we need is someone we can trust for wealth [tax]. who can firmly make a decision base on the needs not base on their personal wants. Corruption is our main dilemma. We need to choose leaders who are worthy to be a leader.