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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adam Lambert Kissing a Guy at AMA Performance

I've been an Adam Lambert fan since American Idol. Rumors scattered that he is gay with the racy pictures of him on the internet. I didn't believe it first but he confirmed he really is. Although I was a little bit disappointed but still supported him through the contest because I believe him with his talent. He did great performances on AI that's why I liked him.

Even though he is really open with his sexuality, I guess he is just really TOO MUCH OPEN on the American Music Awards 2009's performance. I just didn't expect him to kiss a guy on the live audience, SO MUCH MORE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

Why some people are in rage with Adam Lambert's kissing a keyboardist/guitarist than with Madonna/Britney Spears' Kissing?

I don't know their answers but if you ask me, here is my opinion. We all knew that Madonna and Britney Spears had a collaboration with the song Me Against the Music. They did a live performance and also kissed on stage. It was also shocking though when I saw it. They're not lesbians. During her interview with CNN on 2003, she said she never kissed on a woman before. She also said that she wouldn't do it again but maybe with Madonna. But their friendship already ended in 2006 so as the scandal just faded away. So no more kissing between them live in the future. Hehehe!

With Adam Lambert, if he already did it on AMA Performance, then there would be a chance to do it in the future. Maybe with different guys. OH COME ON! I don't want to see him, in every performance, kissing a guy. I REALLY DON'T LIKE IT. His image now is different way back on AI, the not so-really-gay. Gosh!

On American Idol, I really find Adam so sexy especially the way he interprets the song with his own rendition. He is the most talented guy among the group. But on his performance at AMA, I never find him sexy anymore. It was a kind of sexual performance, a guy to guy thing and I am not used of seeing it.

I respect gays for being gays and undeniably they love boys as much as the girls do. Kissing on public??? I think the world has really lost its conservatism.

The only conclusion I have, I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH HIM. T_T

Feel free to post your comments.

-----i am liberated in thought,
conservative in deed.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jennifer Lopez Falls at American Music Awards 2009

Wow! All I can say for Jennifer Lopez is AMAZING! With that fall, she stood up as if nothing happened and show must go on. That's a total performer! Rock on J.Lo! \m/

Check the video and enjoy!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nature Tripping

My life is getting boring. I've been busy with my job and can't find time to relax and unwind. I've always been planning for travel but I don't know which place to go. I really want to travel outside Cebu like going to Bohol, Dumaguete, Manila or Boracay but it needs great plan, money and especially with the people you want to go with or want to go with me.

Before I could go to another province, there's some place in Cebu which I haven't discovered yet. Well, there are lots of good places to search for. I really want to get close with nature and feel the fresh air.

As of now, I am still browsing the net for the best places in Cebu. ^_^ Just for my thoughts of the day.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fergie is Like a Goddess

I am so out-of-date with the latest music of today because of my busy life. I never had the time to watch music channels where I could easily get most of the songs and on the radio, I just wonder who sing the song.

After the I Gotta Feeling fever from Black Eyed Peas, here is the new song entitled Meet Me Halfway. My sister told me this about a month ago of their music video. This is just the time that I logged in to YouTube and searched for their new video.

Fergie is like a goddess on the video. Woah! I just love her so much. She's so beautiful.

Here is the music video of the song. Hope you will all like it just like me. ^_^

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Willie Revillame Won't Run for 2010 Election

It is clear by now that Willie Revillame won't run for any position for the next year's election.

He said in an interview that he is thinking how can he give happiness to people like now that he is going to Las Vegas for a Wowowee tour especially to those people there who can't go home in our country. He also said that if there's time, may be not now, maybe someday, maybe after three years, maybe after six years, it depends.

Good thing that he listened to Dolphy's advise.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

We Were a Victim of Akyat-Bahay

Akyat-Bahay is a colloquial Filipino term for "climb up a house". This is how thieves who break through to your house and rob your jewelries, moneys, home appliances and other important valuable things.

November 6, 2009 at 4a.m, I woke up to get ready for my work. Usually, my mother wakes up earlier than me to prepare my meal. I went to the other house and knocked, where my mother and my two siblings are sleeping. My mom answered and I was already fixed.

I was just shocked when the three of them came in to our house. My mother said that our four cellphones and money were gone. A thief got into the big house. We went back there and at my grandma's room, the cabinet of my sister was opened and her things were scattered. We went to the terrace and saw my siblings bags were dispersed.

The thief got in and out through the window. Hand prints still marked on it. We called the police. They told us to have it on investigation through SOCO but unfortunately, we never have the suspect. We went to the police station and have it blottered.

What a shocking day!!! T_T

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Reason Why Maricar Reyes Never Said a Word about the Scandal with Hayden Kho

After the outbreak of Katrina Halili's scandal with Hayden Kho, Maricar Reyes remains silent until now. With her success as an actress, with tv guestings on May Bukas Pa, an episode with Maalaala Mo Kaya and one of the supporting actors on Lovers in Paris, she became popular as ever.

I have the reason why Maricar never say a word about the leaking of the video (unlike Katrina who wants Hayden to have his license remove as a doctor). I saw a video that was rumored as the third video sex scandal with Hayden. It was on the sala and I believed that Maricar has the knowledge about capturing a video of her while they were doing the thing.

These are the screen shots of their intimate video. I believe the video is taken from the laptop of Hayden. Sorry I am not going to post links here of the video. ^_^

As you can see, Maricar was smiling on the camera.

They were kissing.

With these 4 screen shots above, they were having conversation about the latest trends of laptops.

With the 5 screen shots above, they were kissing and doing the thing already.

This is the .avi format. It is incomplete. The 3gp format has the complete video with Maricar Reyes as the arrogant performer on top. On the other videos I've seen, Maricar has been always on top (Maybe she really likes the position hahaha!).

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Calling of the Souls, a Halloween Tradition

Last night, I went to my boyfriend's house (again) and I witnessed their tradition which I never used or tried to. It is called sangpit or the calling of the souls of their relatives or the souls from purgatory. Just like you are inviting a living person for the feast.

His mother prepared special foods, drinks and cigarettes to offer for the special visitors. They lighted candles on the doorway. It started by a prayer and after that the calling was made. It was from 7:30 to 8:00 pm. I remember when my grandmother was alive, she really believed that on that time, souls were really visiting her, including my grandfather and other relatives. She also lighted candles on the doorway and prayed.

I was very silent then and just observed their tradition. It was weird to hear someone calling of the souls but I never felt anything wrong on what was happening. Souls are harmless and they were enjoying the feast last night.

The only evidence that souls were really present at their home was the cigarettes. Actually they lit 3 traditional tobaccos and 3 filtered cigarettes put in a small platter. Of the 3 filtered cigarettes, 2 were smoking as if somebody really smoked just like a living person do. Within 30 minutes, the sizes of the tobaccos and cigarettes stayed the same except for the 2.

I really believe that souls especially our relatives will really help us if you pray for them. His mother told me that this is their way to share their blessings for the souls.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Watching a Horror Movie: SCREAM

After work, I went to my boyfriend's house and we watched horror movies together with his family. I am not really fond of this kind of movie. We watched the SCREAM and it was my first time to see the movie even though this was released on 1996.

I think I am the last person who watched the SCREAM because everybody had seen this already. The lesson I've learned from the movie is get to know with the person you are in relationship with. Because you don't know that he or she is a psycho.