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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Amnesia Girl Trailer

Just this afternoon, I went to my Facebook and found this video from You Tube.  I re-shared this video and a lot of my FB friends liked it.  All I can say with the video is "Hindi tayo tao! Bagay na bagay! :)"

At first, I thought it was Bea Alonzo that usually paired up with John Lloyd Cruz but it's Toni Gonzaga.  A narrator introduced a question, "Naalala mo pa nung una kayong magkita?" then it was seconded by, "Naalala mo pa ba nung nagkakadevelopan na?", the third, "Naalala mo pa ba nung kayo na?" and the last, "Eh siya?"

When the trailer was done, I conclude that John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga are a cute pair.  I never thought that they could have a cute chemistry.  Well, because the story is more on romantic-comedy.  My first impression of the movie, it reminded me of the 50 First Dates but it is not early to judge since the two characters in the story started as strangers, became friends and fell in love with each other.  We still don't know how the story goes when the girl will be having her amnesia.

Honestly, I keep on repeating the trailer because I could relate some of the situations (not the amnesia part). With the questions asked by the narrator in the trailer (4th question not included), I can't help but smile.  Throwing corny joke or dialogue is a good way of flirting only if the guy is as cute as John Lloyd Cruz (tehee ^_^).  I would gladly throw back corny jokes to him just what like Toni Gonzaga did.

I like it when they were on the church when Irene thanked God for Apollo (burger and French fries were also our first snack date).  I love it when Irene smelled the t-shirt of Apollo.  I love it when Apollo squeezed the cheek of Irene and kissed her.  I love it when Irene was riding at the back of Apollo.  All these things stated on the paragraph has significance with my love life too. 

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