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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Opinion on Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants' Dancing

I've never been on an airplane because I've never been flying outside Cebu. When I saw this video posted on Facebook I was amazed with the safety demonstration performed by these flight attendants of Cebu Pacific. This is indeed funny, eye catching, and interesting to watch.

My younger sister told me when they flew to Boracay last, last summer with Cebu Pacific, it is really true that the safety demonstration on a plane is really boring. Some passengers who used to ride on a plane may say that is somewhat boring. The safety demonstration with a dance is a breath of fresh air (thanks to Anne Curtis for this phrase).

Some are not glad with this especially FASAP or the Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines, said on a report they were “deeply perturbed” by the spreading of the video on the internet.

Some people really make some comments negatively and maliciously for they integrate it to s3x. What's wrong with the video? For me the safety demonstration is not s3x intended. Is it because the dancers are all girls? Or is it because of the music sung by Lady Gaga and Katy Perry?

Hey, everyone knows how to dance but it doesn't mean we should focus on the dance steps of those flight attendants. For me, this video is very useful and I have something that I could get from them. At the same time, I am enjoying watching this safety demonstration.

These flight attendants are not wearing super sexy uniforms that will ever show their skins. What is really wrong with the girls dancing? I keep on watching the video a lot of times but for me there is nothing wrong with it. You can't compare them to those dancers on the club because it is really different obviously, the atmosphere and so on.

People who give comments with these maliciously are just so DIRTY MINDED.

Just enjoy the video with no s3x intended but a safety demonstration you could keep on remembering.

source: youtube user wingco1129


Paul said...

As you say, an opinion has no right or wrong answer. But I disagree with yours in this case. There is nothing "flighty" about airline safety, and the attitude of this airline is worrying, as well as demeaning for the stewards - whether they realise it or not.

I've expressed my own opinion here:

Rox said...

@paul: how come this act become demeaning to the flight attendants? as you can see, they are enjoying the job and dance as part of their gimmick. if you disagree with me then fine. i have no against with the airline's gimmick. you can tell your disagreement to those flight attendants and ask them if dancing as part of their gimmick is demeaning to themselves? ^_^

Paul said...

I think maybe you are hung up on the exploitative stereotyping angle of criticism generated. That's not where I am coming from. My point is that this is not professional behaviour. Entertaining - yes - but hardly conducive to instill confidence. This is not a Disneyland ride. It is about air transport confidence.
We must agree to disagree on this matter.

Lakbay Philippines said...

ana. gira na ni. hehehe

Rox said...

@paul: maybe you got some point about aviation problems stated in your post. we can't avoid it because it really happens but not anytime. sometimes the problem is on the airplane's engine.

Ok, how about singing on an airplane? is it still an unprofessional behaviour?

Rox said...

@lakbay philippines: hahaha atik ra!