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Friday, April 9, 2010

My Thoughts on Manny Villar's Naging Mahirap Song

Naging Mahirap

Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat ng basura?
Rox: Why should I swim in the sea of garbage???

Nag-Pasko ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada?
Rox: Why should I celebrate Christmas in the middle of the street when it is not safe while having fireworks?

Yan ang tanong namin,
Tunay ka bang isa sa amin?
Rox: My answer is I am not one of them.

Nalaman mo na bang mapapag-aral ka nya?
Rox: Really? I didn't knew Manny Villar when I was in kindergarten. As far as I remember, it was my parents who sent me to school.

Tutulungan tayo para magka-trabaho?
Rox: Why? Is he my backer?

At kanyang plano’y magka-bahay tayo?
Rox: Why now? We already have a house. Could he give a house to anyone living in the country for the homeless?

Si Villar ang tunay na mahirap.
Rox: That is why he is rich with lots of businesses.

si Villar ang tunay na may malasakit.
Rox: I can't see it.

Si Villar ang may kakayahan
At gumawa ng sariling pangalan.
Rox: Anyone has the ability and to make his own name.

Si Manny Villar ang magtatapos
ng ating kahirapan.
Rox: Do we really need a person just to end the poverty? NO! HE CAN'T DO THAT ALONE! Every Filipinos should make a stand and do their thing to end poverty.

I always hear this jingle every now and then from television to radio and that is why people almost memorized the song, including me. He is the only politician who has lots of advertisement. His name is always present on WOWOWEE, by the time Willie Revillame announced that he found a brown envelope that contained Php 2 Million outside the door of his house. Few months later, Manny Villar announced that he was the one who gave the money. Duh? They were making dramas because election is coming. Why are you making this kind of PAKULO during election? Of course, he is a businessman and he has funds for this kind of PAKULO, very expensive, especially on the ad slots.

The jingle only focuses on the word MAHIRAP or POOR. How many politicians that are running for PRESIDENT have already used the word??? Since I was a kid, I always hear this but still we are POOR, OUR COUNTRY IS MAHIRAP BECAUSE OF CORRUPTION!!!

Do we really have to remain poor and some politicians are getting richer???

If Manny Villar is really poor, why is he spending a lot of money for his political campaigns??? From being poor, he should think that less cost campaign is very effective to promote his jingle entitled NAGING MAHIRAP.

I want to get rid of poverty but it doesn't mean I want to get rich after all. All I want is a progressive country with NO GRAFT AND CORRUPTION.

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