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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Adam Lambert Kissing a Guy at AMA Performance

I've been an Adam Lambert fan since American Idol. Rumors scattered that he is gay with the racy pictures of him on the internet. I didn't believe it first but he confirmed he really is. Although I was a little bit disappointed but still supported him through the contest because I believe him with his talent. He did great performances on AI that's why I liked him.

Even though he is really open with his sexuality, I guess he is just really TOO MUCH OPEN on the American Music Awards 2009's performance. I just didn't expect him to kiss a guy on the live audience, SO MUCH MORE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION.

Why some people are in rage with Adam Lambert's kissing a keyboardist/guitarist than with Madonna/Britney Spears' Kissing?

I don't know their answers but if you ask me, here is my opinion. We all knew that Madonna and Britney Spears had a collaboration with the song Me Against the Music. They did a live performance and also kissed on stage. It was also shocking though when I saw it. They're not lesbians. During her interview with CNN on 2003, she said she never kissed on a woman before. She also said that she wouldn't do it again but maybe with Madonna. But their friendship already ended in 2006 so as the scandal just faded away. So no more kissing between them live in the future. Hehehe!

With Adam Lambert, if he already did it on AMA Performance, then there would be a chance to do it in the future. Maybe with different guys. OH COME ON! I don't want to see him, in every performance, kissing a guy. I REALLY DON'T LIKE IT. His image now is different way back on AI, the not so-really-gay. Gosh!

On American Idol, I really find Adam so sexy especially the way he interprets the song with his own rendition. He is the most talented guy among the group. But on his performance at AMA, I never find him sexy anymore. It was a kind of sexual performance, a guy to guy thing and I am not used of seeing it.

I respect gays for being gays and undeniably they love boys as much as the girls do. Kissing on public??? I think the world has really lost its conservatism.

The only conclusion I have, I AM REALLY DISAPPOINTED WITH HIM. T_T

Feel free to post your comments.

-----i am liberated in thought,
conservative in deed.

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