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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Capella Songs of Mike Tompkins

This morning, I alarmed my clock at 8 A.M. to get ready for a call via Skype for 9 A.M. and for my online job.  then I received a message to postpone it on Friday.  I'm done with the first project so I just continued on the second project.  Well, I got bored and searched for music videos on YouTube to listen and watch to.  I listened to Usher, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Maroon 5.

I am really a fan of Maroon 5 and I'm addicted to this song entitled Misery.  Yesterday, I was watching some episodes of Glee Season 2 and I love their rendition of Misery.

I was still on YouTube and I found an A Capella version of the song by Mike Tompkins.  I fell in love with this guy immediately. LOL A wide smile started to appear on my face when I heard the vocal instrumental breakdown started on to the bass.  It's amazing and by the way, he is cute.

I also watched his other videos. He made an A Capella version of Fireworks by Katy Perry. I enjoyed the video because it is so colorful. No offense to Katy Perry, this guy made a better version.

I immediately subscribe to his YouTube videos and looked for his fan page on Facebook. As of today, I'm his new fan.

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