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Monday, October 10, 2011

The Kleptomaniac, the Narcissistic and the Dumb

I HAD three (ex) friends called me a kleptomaniac, narcissistic and dumb.

The Kleptomaniac

It was year 2009. It started when I asked a (ex) friend about the debt that she needed to pay. I was asking her patiently to pay the debt because my parents needed the money for purchasing items in our sari-sari store. After few minutes, I was shocked that she blocked me on Facebook in order not to get a chance of communicating with her. She was accusing me on Facebook that I was a kleptomaniac. I knew what it means and I knew for myself that I could not do such thing.

What I did to her?

Since she didn’t pay her debt in cold cash I told this my friends and other acquaintances about her not paying her debt. I knew I was giving her public humiliation and she truly deserved it.
She said that she would file a case against me and put it into court. My father said, we should put things first at the barangay. My mother advised them that they should file a case in our barangay. After few minutes, I received a subpoena from the barangay.

By the way, she lives a town apart from me. She went to the barangay hall which is few blocks away from our home. She didn’t have the chance to pay her debt straight to our house but she had the time to file a case against me at the barangay. How it ended? Well, she is really indeed a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. Source:

The Narcissistic

It was year 2010. It started on a group created by an (ex) friend on Facebook. Another friend invited me to join the group. I even received a notification on my e-mail with a link on it that I had access with the group. I was really disappointed when I clicked the link, the group was private. It seemed someone deleted me. Well, only an administrator of the group can delete me. Who is (are) the administrator(s)? I could not pinpoint someone since there were a lot of them. I posted a status on Facebook about it without mentioning the name of the group. I just hated the idea of creating a group when I know for myself I belonged to the group because of its name.

It was like this, I belong to this batch because I graduated the same year with them, but the questions were, why delete me? Who deleted me? Am I not part of the batch? Does anyone dislike me not to be part of the group? Are they choosing certain people to be part of it? I was really discriminated that time and I could not help myself posting about it. I feel insulted. You know, it would be better if nobody invited me to join the group than being deleted.

Someone noticed my status about it. She was also one of the administrators but she had no idea that I was deleted. The creator of the group left a comment on my status but not in a calm way. I could say he was really angry at me.

Then he started to call me I was narcissistic. I didn’t get the point why he even said that. That was way too personal because it was irrelevant with my post. I was looking for the answer, why delete me? The questions were remained unanswered.

Just so you know he is not a straight guy because a real straight guy can’t say such thing like a girl.
Someone told me that maybe he was guilty about it because if he wasn’t the one who deleted me, why left a comment in an angry manner? Why saying stuff that was irrelevant? If you’re not guilty then you should not react that way.

I am not an envious person. I work hard for something I really like. Yes, I admit I am proud with my little achievements. I am very outspoken when I have done something nice for myself. When I have something to say I go direct to the point. I am not a great pretender. I am just being real. Last and foremost, I am not hiding something in the closet. Well, there is one thing we call privacy and it should remain private.

The Dumb

This is the latest, year 2011. Again it all started also in Facebook. I uploaded a photo which is a sample design of wedding invitation for my business. Take note: I created one design only at first because that was just a testing phase but in three colors with the shades of blue, green and red.

I tagged people on blue and green but not in red. I received compliments and comments for improvement. In green, somebody said that the message was unreadable so maybe if I could change its font color to a complementary color which is red or maybe black to make it more readable. I appreciate their suggestions but still I have to stick with the motif which is green. So the only solution was to adjust the color.

Then this (ex) friend of mine left a comment stating, “Too colorful and too stylist.” I was really laughing with her comment because first of all it is not colorful because I am only using one color with different shades. I say it’s monochromatic with different shades, tints and tones with a single hue.

It’s not too stylist, we say it’s stylish. A stylist refers to the person who is doing the style like fashion stylist, hairstylist and the likes. I was just correcting her in the first place because her statement was a great contradiction of my design. The purpose of my design was to make it less colorful but of course, with style.
She never accepted my explanation and she insisted that my design was overflowing of colors. I was really pissed off because she didn’t get my explanation. I don’t know if she was doing some research before posting a comment on my photo, if she has checked a dictionary to know which is singular and plural or if she really knew the meaning of the word she was talking about. So I suggested she needs to do some research and check a dictionary.

Well, do you see how straightforward or direct to the point I was? I didn’t care if she was hurt or offended with the suggestion I told her. It was really true that she really needed it. She really needs to learn from her mistake because stating such was a big mistake in the first place. I think she was offended being an Engineer and her ego was hurt. She even talked about marketing as if I had no idea about it. As if she was trying to be an expert in the field of marketing.

I think she had no idea my current job online. I’ve been working in the field of marketing for two years already which is more on online marketing, internet marketing, social media marketing and article marketing. I am not even claiming to be an expert. What’s worse was that she stated this, “I am not a designer, I am just an Engineer but if we are going to talk about marketing, she is a failure.” (Di man ko designer, Engineer ra man ko pero kun kami duha mag hisgot bahin sa marketing, yabo jud na siya.) She even called me dumb because I was not a valedictorian or salutatorian in high school. She said I was being unprofessional and she would never stoop down to my level but funny, she was throwing trash talks on me through my opinionated blog.

The question is, who among the two of us was being dumb and being unprofessional?

Haven’t you noticed that all things have the same in common? It all started in Facebook. It also happened in three consecutive years.

The morals of the story are:
* Think before you click.
* Read first before leaving a comment.
* Do your research before stating something in the public.

Disclaimer: Images are not mine.

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