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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Does Online Job Make You Rich?

Next month, I'll be celebrating my two years working at home or online job.  To answer the question of the title above, online job doesn't make you rich.

Before I landed this online job, I started working as a service crew in a Quick Service Restaurant for six months (I was a working student).  I was also hired by a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company; it's a data collection firm that is the basis of market research. I only lasted for two weeks for I can't handle the working lifestyle.  I am not even nocturnal.  I even worked as a sales staff in a sports company for three months.  I also worked as a data entry operator for another BPO company, they are into data processing and I only lasted for ten months.

How I Landed For An Online Job?

A friend of mine who was my workmate in a data collection firm told me about oDesk. Our communication was through messenger and she gave me the link.  She even told me about her jobs and I got interested.  That was also the time I was working in a data processing company.  Because I have internet connection at home, I gave it a try.  My friend was busy at that time so there was no time for me to ask more questions.  I did some self-study.  Because of patience, I got my first data entry job.

Getting an online job is not really easy because you have lots of competitors from another country especially in India.  Having an online job is also an outsourcing job like BPO companies but the advantage is you are in your own home.  We all know that Philippines is now emerging as the call center in the world.  Study shows that Philippines overtake India as BPO call center hub. Source:,/survey/by/ibm/&id=8621

While I was working for a full-time job in a BPO company, oDesk serves as my part-time job.

When an Online Job Becomes Your Full-time Job

I only lasted for ten months from my previous work in a BPO company.  The reason was I got sick and I needed full-time rest to gain my energy.  I was really thin that my appetite got affected.  I also realized that if I focus on my online job, I am really sure that I could earn more money working at home than being employed in a company.  

A decision was made so I resigned.  I took a vacation with my college friends.  It was not really a worry for me to spend money because I always have my savings since I started working.  I was also waiting for my separation pay and my salary in oDesk.  All in all, I wasn't totally broke. ^_^

After the vacation, I had online jobs waiting for me.  Of course, my clients are really good to me so I enjoyed my vacation not worrying for work.  I always increase my rate to one dollar every time I got a five-star feedback.  I had several part-time jobs and a full-time job.

Is Online Job Right For You?

You have to try one if online job is right for you.  In my own personal experience, online job is right for me because I really appreciate it very much.  I enjoyed the advantages like having my own time, no rush hour for being late, no reprimands from superiors, and I can ask a pay raise from clients.

Common Disadvantage of Online Job

For me, the common disadvantage of online job is the lack of stability.  Obviously, it is really different when you are employed by a company.  That is why there's a word called freelance, you are an independent individual who is not affiliated by any company or organization.  You are a person who pursues profession without a long-term commitment with any employer.  Freelance work is frequently sporadic, therefore, you are still earning.

Online Jobs Have Great Earnings

Yes, it is really true but it doesn't mean you can be rich instantly.  It's how you make negotiations with your clients and manage your own money whether you spend it for buying expensive things that will cost you liabilities or buying things that serve as your investment assets.  Of course, patience and hard work are factors to earn more.

Any thoughts about online job? Share some.

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