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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Difference Between Colorful and Monochromatic Designs

I can't help to blog about this.  Since this is a blog where I can post my opinions about a certain topic, I am free to express it here as long as I am not attacking a person below the belt.

This post is all about the wedding invitation I have designed for my business.  I uploaded the photos on my Facebook profile.  Actually, this is the first design with three colors: blue, green and red.  I received comments about appreciation and other points for improvement.

This is my first monochromatic design for a wedding invitation featuring the color red.
MONOCHROMATIC RED / SHADES OF RED - colors may vary depends on the MOTIF of your WEDDING :D, messages can be vary with limited length.
I received a first comment for this photo above stating, "too colorful and too stylist..." Can you see errors with this phrase?

Error # 1 - Too Colorful
When we say colorful, it means that the design uses different colors.  Since I am using monochromatic, my design only uses one color with different shades. Here is a reference for my search:

With the same website I referred, he stated that using monochromatic design makes it less colorful.

Error # 2 - Too Stylist
Stylist is a noun and it refers to a person who designs, develops or advises on styles.  If we have to correct it, it should be "too stylish" that is my design is on the trend and modish.  Of course, I created my design with style.

Another comment I received, "the page is full of colors. Minimize overflowing the colors into one page..."

Error # 3 - Full of Colors
There is no way that my design for this wedding invitation has full of colors.  As what I've said it only has one color which is red.

Error # 4 - Minimize overflowing the colors into one page
Let's not touch the grammatical error for this phrase.  The question is how can I minimize the overflowing of the colors into a page when I am just using one color for this design?

There are lots of things she posted comments about this and the more she talks, the more mistakes she will make.  I just don't want to get details about it.  She said that she was only suggesting and gave me some constructive criticisms.  She even told me that I wasn't open to her suggestions.  She added that improvement doesn't come from appreciation but from critics.

The person was trying to be a critic when in the first place her suggestions and criticisms were not even helpful.  She doesn't even realize that she has to be criticized the way she gave comments on my photo.

I handled her criticisms well but she didn't handle well the criticism she received from me.  She was or still angry at me.  She was or still being emotional.  She even insulted me how dumb I was in high school or for not being a professional since I am no bachelor graduate in college.  She doesn't want to become friends with me anymore.  I have no personal grudges for this person.  Here is a reference about responding to criticisms:

All the four errors above were written in the original form (no changes have been made).  She wrote it in English so sorry for some grammatical error.  She translated the word colorful to Cebuano which is "napuno sa color" which synonymous with "full color" or "full of colors."  I knew that the color design of my background was "too much" or shall I say "nasobraan sa color" that the message was not readable at all.

I know there are some people are talking behind my back for they didn't know the whole story.  They didn't know how it began.  It is really unfair that they only listen to one side only and judged me for being the cruelest person they've met.

To end this blog post, here is the improved design for this wedding invitation.  I lessened the background's opacity so that it would be easy for readers to see the message.  I also increased the font size for this.  My design is just simple.  I also did the same thing for blue and green.

Disclaimer:  For any English grammar error, just send me a private message about it and I'll be happy to change it correctly.  

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