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Friday, September 2, 2011

Rants and Opinions - Deserving and Giving RESPECT

Disclaimer: Originally posted on my Facebook note.

I love to write even though I am not the best writer.  I love to write to express myself.  I always love stressing my rants and opinions through my opinionated blog, Facebook comments (depends on the topic), Facebook status, and Facebook notes.

I love exchanging thoughts with other people even though we have different points of view.  Well, an opinion has no wrong or right answer; it is just how you stand of what you believe in.  

Opinions by Wikipedia:
In general, an opinion is a subjective belief, and is the result of emotion or interpretation of facts. An opinion may be supported by an argument, although people may draw opposing opinions from the same set of facts. Opinions rarely change without new arguments being presented. However, it can be reasoned that one opinion is better supported by the facts than another by analyzing the supporting arguments. [1] In casual use, the term opinion may be the result of a person's perspective, understanding, particular feelings, beliefs, and desires. It may refer to unsubstantiated information, in contrast to knowledge and fact-based beliefs. 

An Argument that leads to PERSONAL ATTACK
I've encountered an argument with a former friend.  It all started with a photo she commented here on Facebook.  On my photo, it was clearly stated on the description that I've used SHADES OF RED or MONOCHROMATIC RED for my design.  Suddenly, she posted a comment on my photo that it was TOO COLORFUL.  Her comment was very contrasting with the description of the photo.

Of course, I let her knew the difference between COLORFUL and MONOCHROMATIC because they are OBVIOUSLY NOT SYNONYMOUS WITH EACH OTHER.  For a proof, dictionary is to the rescue. 

As a WANNABE DESIGNER, I feel insulted with her comment because the purpose of my design is to make it LESS COLORFUL.  Of course, there is a way to make a beautiful design even though you are just using ONE COLOR.  Anyway, of all people who saw that photo, she's the only who said the word COLORFUL for a monochromatic design. LOL

Someone said she was stating her OPINION but I had to disagree if that was her OPINION.  First of all, the word she was using was VERY INAPPROPRIATE with the design I was trying to express.

It was an artwork of mine though not as good as professional designers. If you want to be a CRITIC, please make sure to EXAMINE CLOSELY of the design.  Before posting some comments we also have to make sure to SCRUTINIZE OUR WORDS if we are really TELLING FACTS or using APPROPRIATE WORDS in order not to send wrong information of the person you’re criticizing to.  If you're giving a SUGGESTION, MAKE SURE IT'S HELPFUL.

After what happened with the dictionary, it was really shocking that she started to attack me personally.  First, she insulted my design and after that she insulted my whole being for being dumb in class. From being not a good designer, now I'm dumb? LOL

How can I respect her OPINION when it was not appropriate? She did not even respect what I was trying to express with my so-called artwork.

Issue about RH Bill

RH Bill is still a very hot issue.  I am proud to admit that I am PRO-RH Bill not because I am living an immoral life.  It is because I want to be educated and to know information about taking care of my sexual health.  As a woman at the legal age of 22, I am now entitled to get married with a man that I love and soon to have babies.  My man is no prince charming and not even rich.  Of course, it would be a wonderful feeling to have your own offspring.  What I am afraid of is money that having lots of children we cannot sustain their primary needs.  In my personal opinion, in the future I don't want my partner to wear a condom and I don't want to wear IUD when I'm older.

I respect the Church's stand being against RH Bill.  As what I have understood with their cries, using artificial contraceptives are a big NO for them.  That is HAVE SEX when you're MARRIED with the person you love, with the opposite sex, whom you can PRO-CREATE with.  Natural family planning was already approved by them.  The best thing to avoid sex is ABSTINENCE.  ABSTINENCE is applicable to anyone especially to those people who are still in the stage of boyfriend-girlfriend relationship - conserving one's purity.

 I don't have respect for some people who are ANTI-RH BILL but they are REALLY enjoying SEX while in a relationship.  Obviously, they are not yet married.  The reason they are ANTI-RH BILL is because they don't like to wear condoms. Worse, some of them are LIVING TOGETHER UNDER THE SAME ROOF and still THEY DON'T HAVE BABIES.  Yes, they don't use condoms but they are practicing NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING when obviously they are not yet a family.  The REAL HYPOCRISY is that they are READING THE HOLY BIBLE, a book that talks about the GOOD WORDS of GOD.

PRO-RH bill supporters are a mix of married and unmarried, of who have small and big families, and of conservative and liberated people.

ANTI-RH bill supporters are a mix of married and unmarried, of who have big families and don't have families, and of REAL CONSERVATIVE and HYPOCRITE people.  

I only have respect for these people: PRO RH-BILL conservative and liberated and ANTI-RH BILL real conservative.


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