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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rebecca Black - Victim of Cyber Bullying

Few days ago, I just posted how I became a victim of emotional bullying when I was in high school.  Now there's a victim of cyber bullying... her name is Rebecca Black.

Yesterday was Friday and now it's Saturday.  Yesterday was April Fool's Day and now is just an ordinary day. ☺ I don't even know who the girl is.  A lot of people posted her music video entitled Friday and almost everyone were bashing and bad-mouthing to the girl.  Before doing some judgment I made a little search about her.

She is just an American teen-aged girl who landed a music gig through a casting call from a production company called Ark Music Factory. The young girl flew to L.A to record a single, made a music video and posted it on YouTube.  I have read that the parents really pay for it so the company is really earning from the parents.  It is said her parents are rich.

Her parents are rich so they have the extra money for doing a music video for their child.  I think it's great to support your child's passion in order to pursue her talent.  Everyone loves to sing even though they are some who are bad singers.  Everyone has the right to post their YouTube videos since it's for free and as long you have your own account to access the site.  She's fortunate that her parents are just so supportive.  It's good to hear that her parents told her not to expect getting famous.  Anyway, good or bad publicity, it is still publicity.

I searched for the lyrics of her song while playing the music video.  All I can say the song, the lyrics and the video are just too simply ordinary.  Not the kind of song I could have LSS mode (last song syndrome) with.  I just played and heard it once since the song is very understandable.  She's having fun during the weekend.

While watching the music video, she's doing the singing all the time.  There's no a little bit of acting.  While singing, it was like she was just explaining through singing how she loves Friday.  I must say the music video is dry.  There was no highlight to make the audience wow or amazed.  It ended up some viewers being pissed off.

To the songwriters/lyricist of the song and the creators of the music video, I think they just made this for the sake of earning easy money.  They created lame lyrics and a boring music video... BAM! Benjamin’s on their pockets.  No offense with this comment, just my opinion.

I felt bad for Rebecca Black for being the victim of cyber bullying.  She doesn't deserve this and to think she's just too young at the age of 13.  This girl wants to have clean fun with the song and the video.  So far, it's the cleanest and most conservative song I've ever heard if you compare this to other pop music with the likes of Lady Gaga and among other singers.  The lyric is simple, clean, no dirty words, no hidden messages, no offensive materials like nudity and no symbolisms found on the music video.

If you don't like the song, just don't listen to it again to avoid LSS mode. Anyway, bashing and bad mouthing her is making her famous. Good or bad publicity is still publicity. ☺ To all haters of Rebecca Black: where you at right now? You are just in front of the computer, watching her YouTube video and wasting your time, effort, and saliva. LOL


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