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Friday, June 24, 2011

RepairPal - You're Repairing Partner for your Cars

I am really excited for next month because I am planning for a driving lesson.  My father's car just stayed on the garage for few months already and it needs to be repaired soon.  I am thankful that I earn money from my job and I need to know how to drive a car soon.

My father has no money for the repair.  I searched on the internet for repair estimates and I found  Repairpal gives an independent and unbiased estimates.  The great thing about it, it's for free.  I told my father about this and he was in charge for it because he is the one who knows about cars.

I am not a car fanatic but browsing at gives me curiosity and interest about cars.  I found their recent car reviews and I am enjoying reading their write-ups about their cars.  It would be nice to write something about my car in the future.  I hope after the driving lesson I can start to have my own car but not to make too much expenses, it's better to repair dad's car since he seldom use it.

I enjoy reading their auto repair encyclopedia because there are lots of articles that are really worth reading for.  They gave several tips especially on how to save money on car insurance.  That's the article I have first read.  If you have problems about your car, you can to their car info.  All in all, the website is very great and useful for car savvy.

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