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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good Style and Good Attitude with BCBGMAXAZRIA

I was not really into fashion when I was younger then.  I didn't wear make-ups, fancy clothes, and fabulous high heels.  I am just an ordinary girl wearing t-shirts, jeans, rubber shoes or slippers and no make-up at all especially when I went to work.  I even used a knapsack bag, too.  I was such a boring girl then and I thought I could be like that forever.

But when I turned 21, something has changed and I want to go for excitement.  That was the time I searched about make-ups, beautiful clothes and shoes.  I am already 22 now but a real late-bloomer when it comes to fashion.  Right now, I'm still doing some self-study and asked mom for advice on what dress and shoes to wear that flatter my figure.

Right now, I am just working at home with the use of the internet and I have more time to search about fashion.  I landed on several websites but this website turns me on.  This is about BCBG that stands for bon chic, bon genre - or good style, good attitude.  BCBG is headed by founder and designer, Max Azria.

I looked at his designs and I love the flirty dresses that are very feminine with style.  That's what I really need to be girlish.  I can choose any dress I want for going to work, party and date.  Well, I am not working in an office right now so going to special occasions, parties and dates with my boyfriend are the best time to wear these beautiful dresses.

I am not comfortable without a bag so a handbag is really needed for my make-up, my wallet and other small stuffs.  Their bags are very sophisticated.  It makes me think to hang out more with my girls. It's very funny that my girlfriends are also late-bloomers when it comes to fashion so I am not really alone.

I also checked their BCBG shoes and I love how daring the shoes are.  I don't have sexy feet but wearing these make you feel sexy.  I can choose any type of shoes: boots, loafers & flats, pump & high heels, and sandals.  I appreciate more on loafers & flats and flat sandals because it's comfortable on my feet but high heeled shoes and sandals are way sexier.

This website is an inspiration for me on upgrading my fashion sense.

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