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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Car Care Confidence at Repair Pal

Last January, I applied for a driver’s license together with a friend. Since both of us are still beginners, student permit is a must. I know how to drive a motorbike but I still don’t know how to drive a car. I still need to ask my cousin to teach me how to drive this summer.

I have a dream car that fits my size. I am a petite girl and I think huge cars are not for me. Also, I think it fits my personality – very cute. I am talking about this car, Kia Picanto. Someday this will be my car in the future.

My father asked to borrow money from me because he has a plan to repair our car. It has been a year that we haven’t used the car because of lack of money. Next month we are planning for an out of town so repairing our car is a must as soon as possible.

While browsing the internet, I found this website at I found the site so useful because it is where you can find info about your cars or ask questions to other car owners and let them answer it for you. Another useful page I found is the auto repair encyclopedia because they have lots of articles about auto care how-to: helpful hints.

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