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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sex Scandal, Spreading Like Virus

Sex scandals are spreading like virus. A virus which all people are not afraid of, instead are very fond of it. Sex scandals are made by celebrities, politicians and some are just ordinary people such as students, couples, acquaintances and etc.

On the videos, we see that these people are really enjoying what they were doing. Feels like they were the star of their own show. What's so funny about it when the public see their show, they felt sorry for their own disgusting doings (*disgusting for it should be private). Hypocrisy sets in.

I really don't know why some people do these. When in fact sex is a private act. What happened to Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili (who didn't know about the video) is one example.

Katrina Halili is a celebrity, a sexy actress, a magazine cover girl for men like FHM and MAXIM but I believe that she had no knowledge about filming their private scene just as same as Maricar Reyes who never said a word about the controversy and just continued her acting career.

When I saw Hayden Kho as the new boyfriend of Dra. Vicki Belo, I was just shocked. He has a good face, so young and my first impression of him was like an innocent boy but is he a man with dark, deep secrets? Is he just too good to be true for Belo? I just asked myself if there's really love between Kho and Belo. Or it's just because Belo is just so famous and his digging the money of her. I thought he would never go to show business but I was wrong. He entered a talent show which he was paired with Katrina Halili (and the rest is now history).

When the controversy appeared, I was right about Hayden. It was so awful to see him on the camera saying sorry for what he had done with Katrina and to the rest of the girls who were involved on the sex tapes.

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