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Sunday, November 8, 2009

We Were a Victim of Akyat-Bahay

Akyat-Bahay is a colloquial Filipino term for "climb up a house". This is how thieves who break through to your house and rob your jewelries, moneys, home appliances and other important valuable things.

November 6, 2009 at 4a.m, I woke up to get ready for my work. Usually, my mother wakes up earlier than me to prepare my meal. I went to the other house and knocked, where my mother and my two siblings are sleeping. My mom answered and I was already fixed.

I was just shocked when the three of them came in to our house. My mother said that our four cellphones and money were gone. A thief got into the big house. We went back there and at my grandma's room, the cabinet of my sister was opened and her things were scattered. We went to the terrace and saw my siblings bags were dispersed.

The thief got in and out through the window. Hand prints still marked on it. We called the police. They told us to have it on investigation through SOCO but unfortunately, we never have the suspect. We went to the police station and have it blottered.

What a shocking day!!! T_T


Pinoy Rookie Blogger said...

I want them dead...

Rox said...

hi pinoy rookie blogger. lage doh. lami kaayo sila patyon. saonz. di gud mi katulog og tarong sa balay kay hadlok balikan. tsk tsk tsk