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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dolphy's Advise to Willie Revillame in Entering Politics

Willie Revillame is the host of the number one noontime show of ABS-CBN which is Wowowee. I am a viewer and enjoy the show so much. His live audience really love him. We saw that a fan made a poem for him how she really idolize Willie.

In this coming election, Sen. Manny Villar is waiting for the confirmation of Mr. Wowowee to be his running mate as vice-president or as one of his senators. Willie is very active joining the senator on his projects, nowadays.

Dolphy, the Comedy King, advised Willie that if possible, he should not join the dirty tricks of politics. He also said that Willie had given too much happiness and help to the people. He should continue this in the entertainment world and no need for being vice-president or senator.

Dolphy is right. Willie should listen to him. We all knew that Willie is living in controversial life and giving happiness to people is admired enough. Also he should listen to his daughter, Meryll, who told him not to get involved politics.

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