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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aga Muhlach Talked about Governance under Arroyo Administration

This is a clip I've seen in YouTube. I am just curious about Aga Muhlach's opinion. This is a video clip from Straight Talk in 2007. The language used in this conversation is Filipino so I have translated it to English so that foreigners can understand what the conversation is all about. Please see below after the video.

Mr. Aga Muhlach is a famous Filipino actor, a popular matinee idol at his teens and a product endorser.

I really agree what Aga Muhlach said about this conversation.


Host: It's very rare to happen that a showbiz personality and
respected actor talks about the real situation.

Aga Muhlach: Sometimes it's sad because even though how hard
you try to make for a living, how progressive we are making
to our life, but if you look around you, you may be weakened
because of your country. It's too much, but I am really affected.

It's really hideous to see around you, you may think, how will I
save if I have no place to stay for? You have a beautiful house,
a car, what will you do with those things if there are people killing
in front of you?

How will you go out? Where will you go, you have no well-ordered
place to go here in the country? In our place, I won't know, there
are lots of money circling around, you've heard, one hundred million
or billion that are kept and stole, why is this penetrated?

What I see in this country is deterioration. The appearance, the
service, all in all, is getting ugly and uglier.

You see, it's very dirty. The system is very unpleasant and you
could see that the people are suffering.

If you're in the house, you just open the tv, you will see these
people wearing a tie, a coat. All of them are saving with their
own money.

Some are just playing blind, closing their eyes because they feel
'Who are we? Will they listen to us? Do we have something to do?
I am going to vote, is my vote has got something to do? Even
though I will vote for this person, if they really want to win, their
money will do the move, not my vote.

I feel that, honestly, it's useless because whatever you do, the
people in the higher position, whatever they wish or do are still
their command. What I mean to say is, the people knew who were
stealing, who's doing evil but nothing happened. You are just watching it,
so what are you going to do now?

Ten years ago, what do Philippines looked like? Now, it's different.
What more for another ten years? Ten years from now, what will
Philippines look like? So, where are we now?

Host: They're angry, people feel bad about it?

Aga Muhlach: People feel bad about it, it is because they have
no money, they don't have the capability, they are insecure, they
can't move, they feel that nobody listens to them. What I mean
to say, example, people of 5,000 are having a rally. It's just
5,000 compare to the people who are really in poverty.

I still believe that there is God, of course. He will fix it. I still
believe in the law of karma. To those who are doing evil, I'm sorry.
To those who are in the position, you did nothing but only to
boast like you're wise.

Host: Say it, don't be shy, STEALING.

Aga Muhlach: I mean to say, enough! Have a little pity, just a
little bit, just 10% of the stealing, give it to the poor.

Philippines has a huge land. Now, for sure, the government owns it.
I just want to imply, this government...

Host: All of the government, maybe they will mistaken you that
you're talking about a particular administration...

Aga Muhlach
: No, no, it's not, the whole, the governance. Yes,
what I mean to say, well, the person who is in the position. Even if it's
the past, the present and who ever will be the next. Who ever is in
the position right now, you were put there to fix the Philippines.

: You are obviously very frustrated...

Aga Muhlach: So why are you going to take this? There's load of
money, don't tell that there's no money, that's why people are
getting mad because you say it's poverty.

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