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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Since this blog is all about the title above, I am here to post my views and beliefs in life and random things. Everyone of us are free to say what's on my mind especially if we were asked my someone to share our thoughts by a certain topic. Some may oppose, some may agree.

Have you remembered Miss California's answer of the pageant Miss USA 2009? Miss California Carrie Prejean was asked by a judge, who is Perez Hilton about gay marriage or something. Here are the clips to reminisce.

During the pageant

She was honest of what she said. Even though we all knew that the one who was asking is a gay person, she never responded the question for in favor for the one who asked.

Carrie Prejean's Interview on the Today Show

Yes you are right Carrie, standing for what you believe in.

His Retaliation

Tsk, tsk, tsk! He already had an answer on his question but unfortunately, for him, Miss California's responds was wrong because his was correct. (WTF!)

It wouldn't be a CONTROVERSIAL if not with the CONTROVERSIAL QUESTION and that couldn't be ask if that gay wasn't there. That was DEBATABLE and obviously some people MAY AGREE and some MAY OPPOSE. It was BIAS in the first place. As what I've said earlier, Perez already had an answer to his own question. It just happened that Miss California's response is not in favor for him and to the gay community.

To Perez Hilton, I think you should not asked beliefs from other people if you are not satisfied with what they say. Anyway, we are living in a free country and we can do things that make us happy. I knew some gays who are very happy having same-sex relationship or same-sex marriage. So be it!

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