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Monday, October 12, 2009

The Controversial Cebu South Bus Terminal

What makes it controversial? It is because of the P5 entrance fee for passengers as a boarding pass and P100 or P120 for buses.

I am living in Cebu South, specifically Naga, and I am working in Cebu City. Everyday I take a ride from the city to my town. The day I went to the terminal, I was shocked by the P5 fee. All passengers entered the premises complained about it. To think there was no announcement or notice to the public about the said fee. As an ordinary and a poor commuter, P5 is a big money for me due to financial crisis. I had no chance to back out because I was already on the entrance.

I once worked there as a vendor. The ordinary people take the ordinary bus and rich people take the air con bus. For me, 90% are the ordinary passengers and 10% for the rich passengers.

The old CSBT was very hot, no waiting areas for passengers and had a SMELLY TOILET with fee. Now the new CSBT is cool with waiting areas and fully air-conditioned and a new improved toilet but still with charge.

It is true that the new CSBT is like an airport. The improvements attract new businesses (which rich people can afford). I've heard that with the P5, the use of the toilet would be also free but THAT'S NOT TRUE. The using of the CR is still a business (OH MY GOD!) so I am not just only paying P5 but beyond of the said amount if I use the toilet(tsk! tsk! tsk!).

I also heard from an ordinary vendor outside the terminal shouting, "Palit namo daan og tubig kay mahal na sa sulod!" (Buy water outside for it is already expensive inside!). It means that all the goods inside are double-priced or higher than the goods outside.

Click here to read the news of Philstar

As what I've said earlier, there was no announcement or notice to the public before it was implemented. Philstar reported and published on the same day when the fee was imposed.

Even though the terminal is already improved, the TRAFFIC still remained on that area especially when buses exit the area going south.

I just realized that only people who have think P5 is just a small amount can only use the terminal and not the ordinary people living in Cebu South. With that P5, in just 5 days I could save P125, in 4 weeks I could have P500, and in 12 months I could have P6000. Now, I am discouraged to use the place everyday in going home or maybe I'LL JUST USE THE PLACE IF HAVING A VACATION.


Shadows of Me said...

thanks.. i already added u.

Mark Noli said...

what happen to the terminal city dinha..
grrrr.. i feel mad about it.
it's all business!! OMYGOD!!

Rox said...

@ shadows of me...

welcome and thank you! ^_^

Rox said...

@ mark noli

yep nolz! hmm nindot naman ang terminal murag airport pero ang mga taga Cebu South kay di gyud makapahimos kay P5 ang bayad tawn. dako ra kaayo para sa mga pobre nga commuters.